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DYCBLOGS is a subsidiary of the DYC Media Group. Read More About DYC/DYCPlex

We Provide and accept Information about everything going on around you (Disturbing Your City), Such as Entertainment and Gists, Trending Topic/News, Events/Ceremonies, Interviews, e.t.c

Disturbing Your City also known as ( DYC / DYCPlex) is more than just a website.. or a blogging Media Group..

DYC Gives our viewers, Audience, Costumers and Partners, A platform to showcase their brands, We plan and promote events, Tours and Concerts.

We also provide a grate entertainment platform, We give interviews, song promotion and also help to showcase talents/Brands.

Pages Contents Description:

Provides Updates About Everything Going on, on the website.

This Page Provide you on updated information about everything trending around you and your city (Disturbing Your City) like News, Gossips, and every topic being talked about around the internet, Television and your environment. If You want to Provide us with Saucy And Real Information

The Entertainment Page contains contents of Music which includes (Videos and Audios, instrumentals) And Movies. this is a great and interesting platform for Entertainers to showcase any of this contents.

DYC Recognition:
Once every week we Randomly select individuals that is doing very great in His/Her Field of Profession, and Recognize Him/Her as Celebrities, Just as a way to show and appreciate Him/Her for being Great at what they do and also inspire others positively and also for Impacting His/Her Talent and effort to support the Environment positively in one way or another.

Fashion and Designs: Its a page that helps showcase talented fashion designers, by showing exclusive designs of different  fashion designers..

Gives you update on both successful and anticipating Events, such as Shows, Concerts, Tours, Gospel Programs and Church Events. and not only DYC's Events.

Thursday Freestyle
A platform to showcase talents, the page provide Freestyle recorded Videos like Rapping, Singing, Dancing Videos, i.e professional or not professional recorded freestyle videos.

Interview 101:
Interview One on One A.K.A Interview 101 is a page where can easily you find DYC's Interview Sections.

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Motto: The Portal Of Entertainment?

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