Different Levels Of Content Providers

There are Presently 4 Levels on The Content Providers Program on DYCBLOGS.

Level 1: Beginners Level, this is rated by your page/post views and Engagements.
Post views below 1000 and general Content Providers views below 5000 with 15% Posts Engagements.

Level 2: Rookie, Posts Views ranging from at least 1000 to 2500 or General Content Providers Views of 10,000 and Engagements of 25% of Reactions and Comments. Level 2 Content Provider are qualified to post contents that promotes and advertise other brands and companies.

Level 3: Expert, These Content Providers are top rated Content providers with a lot of Influence on their posts, Ratings Post/Page views of above 5000 Post Views and General views of 70,000 general views and Engagement of 35% (Reaction and Comments), these content providers will be given a registered Authors profile and login details of their own to make their one posts on the site, following some rule given to them.

Level 4: Professional, Content Providers with Post/Page Views of 10,000 and general views of above 100,000 and Engagement of 50% (Reactions and Comments)
These Content Providers will be offered Partnership and Sponsorship To Projects and Programs Here On The Platform

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