Wyzdom Noble – Bold Step || The Album

For me music is not a career. It’s my everyday life, things I go through, things that happens in my environment, how I feel and also how I control every situation around me, Music is life, is an art and also a means of expression. I dedicated this album to my fans the Unstoppable family all over the entire universe don’t give up, don’t stop striving, don’t quit, don’t lose hope, take that Bold step today remember that before you get to estates of treasures you must pass through streets of difficulties and pains, toughest climbs leads to greater destinations.🙏🧜🏾‍♂️♋️🥥

Thanks to everyone who took part in this project @neductionpro @zakiamujei @emceezesings @fineboi_nachi_ @cdqolowo @yes_liya @officialsoft_ @king_isama #boldstepalbum #boldstep #unstoppable

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