What You didn’t know about Bats – Jenny Pearl

What do you know about bats 🦇?
Do you know bats are mammals?
They have forelimbs as wings.

Bat’s ears are very important to them because they use it to hunt for food and communicate. It’s large and noticeable, always up on the side of the head.
It’s ears plays an important role in receiving echoes. It is called echolocation. They can listen for an echo, reflect to sound to locate where an object is from a long range distance

Do you also know bats are the only mammals capable of true and sustain flights?
They are more than 1,000 species of bats.
They have long arms and hands with long fingers

Do you know there’s a bat named insects bat?
It can eat up to 1,200 insects an hour and over 6,000 -8,000 a night.

Some plants also depends on bats for pollination.

The worlds smallest bat is BUMBLEBEE BAT from THAILAND.

Bats live in large groups called colonies

The oldest living bat is 41 years old.

3 species of bats feed on blood.

They live in caves, dead trees and people’s home too. They lived in a compound I lived in, fruits bats though.

They vary in colors, most especially red,brown, gray and tan.

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