What Pays an Artist More || Online Royalties or Live Performance ?

What Pays an Artist More || Online Royalties or Live Performance?

This topic is highly concerning, especially for Musical artist and their sponsors on where to focus more on strategy and marketing the brand.

Every Artist in the Music Business or Music Industry has their upmost goal set in growing their brand and excelling in their Musical Carrier, in other words everyone wants to be successful and success is mostly rated in an artists carrier by your achievements and some times awards.

If you look around the world, after the pandemic 😷 the world has been restricted in so many public and social events and it affected artist the most.

So many artists where greatly affected while some artist with great teams and marketing strategies excelled with the opportunities and redirected most of their focus to digital branding.

With Limited Live performances it’s quite obvious artists can’t earn much or depend on the pays from Concerts, Shows or even tours, Artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Wizkid and Davido are all top and successful artists from around the world and we can all agree that they all have less live appearances but still at the top of their games.

So the answer to the question above could be easily rated as Online Royalties, if there was other options of what pays an artist more, “Brand Endorsements” should also be highly considered and added to the list.

If you have disagreements to the above article you can as well drop your own opinion on the comment section as this post was written for discussion purposes and not an official statement

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