“Truth or dare?.” he said.
Well that was the first time I actually saw him speak, up close. When I say him I mean Derek, let me tell you about DEREK.

Derek was the most handsome guy in my department (human Psychology), he barely came to class but when he was present he always sat at the back seat and always answered all the questions he was asked. Derek was nonchalant but he was one of the most intelligent person’s in our department . He was 6ft tall and he always kept his hair . I’ve always liked him but no one ever knew , I felt he was just so perfect for me.

We just concluded our exams and he threw a house party in his apartment, his friend was dating my roommate and trust me Derek hated me. Sophia my roommate insisted I went with her to Derek’s party even when she knew he couldn’t stand me. I decided to go but I begged Sophia to give me a makeover and she did, it was as if I was transformed, I looked so beautiful and hot . Sophia’s boyfriend Steve came to pick us up , and we left for the party.

When we got there it was very noisy, this was my first party since the beginning of the semester , so I just tried my best to enjoy the party. After all the fun and drinks they all had , I didn’t drink because I’ve never tasted alcohol. Derek stood up and said, lets play a game truth or dare, if you don’t do the dare you’ll have a shot of vodka he said and please if you’re not interested , please you have to leave the party. I swear to God I wanted to, infact I was just standing up when I heard a voice.
“Truth or Dare?, Sonia “.
Wait what!!! , did I just hear my name?, wait did Derek just say my name out loud?.
I turned back and I looked at him , Truth I said calmly, he looked at me and said, “If you could make out with any one here who would it be” , “Urhm I can’t hear you correctly ” i said and the whole place was quiet , “yeah you heard me mama , now answer “. For heaven’s sake, is Derek flirting with me?, I asked my self. “I guess it will be you, handsome ” , I said, ” you’re nasty I like” he said.
After answering I sat down, they spined the bottle again and they dared Amanda to make out with anybody, she got up from her chair walked towards Derek and kissed him from the look of things it seemed liked he enjoyed it, after making out she went back to her seat, and they spined the bottle again and it was Ada’s turn they asked her who her crush was and she said Steve , Sophia’s boyfriend I could see Sophia frowning her face from the other end of the living room. They spined and spined until it got to Derek’s turn and he was dared to make out with his crush , everywhere was quiet and everyone was focused on him, he stood up from his chair and I was staring at him wondering who the lucky girl would be ,he started walking towards my direction I thought he was going to make out with Chineye because she was sitting close to me, until he walked up to me and carried me, he wrapped his hands around my waist, I was shocked because I never expected Derek the young man that loathed me to crush on me let alone make out with me, he wrapped my hands around his neck he kissed me passionately for 3minutes , wow he was my first kiss. I know, I know !!!! I was in my third year but I was just twenty. he excused us out of the game and took me to his bedroom , I sat on his bed and he sat on his chair close to the bed and he asked me “how long have you liked me?.”
he asked , “since the first time I saw you, but you hate me”. he giggled, “and who said I hate you? dummy.” “well you never liked me and you always made fun of me” ,….. “you’re so slow , I like you that’s why I’m always disturbing you ” “wow I didn’t know, you could have just said something” I replied, he came close to me and kissed me, and he asked me if I’ve ever done this before, I told him yes because I didn’t want him to know he was my first, so he kissed me and he came to the bed he took his shirt off. He kissed my neck and slowly undressed me, he stared into my soul, he looked at me and said, “Sonia I’ve always loved you, but everyone sees me as a player, I hope you give me a chance to be your boyfriend ” , I looked back at him , and said yes .

I know I sound gullible, but hear me out . He is the hottest boy in my department and I have been crushing on him since the beginning of my first year . So we switched positions and I was on top him, I kissed him there was a lot of tongues, lips .
He is a good kisser I said to myself, “Are you sure you’ve done this before?” he asked again, “No I haven’t” . “Sonia we shouldn’t do this if you don’t want to, I don’t want you to think I just want to get laid and leave you” to be very honest I didn’t think I’d loose my virginity on a game night. ” You’re right I’m not ready yet” he smiled and wore me back my dress. “Let’s go downstairs” he said .
We got downstairs and we sat on his couch, “So nerd, since you don’t drink alcohol what do you drink?” , he asked. “Fruit juice, caprisonne preferably” I answered, “caprisonne? what are you, five? ” he asked. “Well that’s my favorite drink, jerk” . ” we don’t have that here, but we have fruit juice” he replied. He opened his fridge and brought out a chilled bottle of juice, poured it into a glass for me and added ice. I was happy because he respected my decision and didn’t force or persuade me into drinking alcohol. We talked about ourselves and I got to find out that tormenting me was Derek’s love language, how strange that is. All these while I thought he loathed me

“Sonia, you have a beautiful smile” he said as he kissed my forehead, it was almost midnight, the party ended and everyone went back to their apartment except Sophia and I, Steve asked us to stay over for the night, since he was Derek’s flat mate I didn’t refuse, we all cleared the apartment together afterwards Sophia and Steve went into Steve’s room.

I was sitting in the living room playing GTA with their play station 4, I became so hungry so I went to Derek in his room , “Hey , please I’m hungry, do you have anything to eat?”. he raised his head and looked at me, “Hey?! , did you forget you said yes to being my girlfriend, call me Papa okay, let’s go to the kitchen I’ll fix something for the both of us” .
He walked up to where I was standing and carried me to the kitchen, he sat me on the kitchen counter and he started cooking

He made noodles and scrambled eggs ,we ate in the dining and told me this was our first date , I smiled. After eating, we saw a movie on Netflix KISSING BOOTH, we saw it to the end and after seeing the movie, it was already 02:00AM I went to his room to have my bath and he came along, I was bathing and the next thing I saw was Derek naked in front of me, “please can I join you?” he asked, I allowed him to . “you look more beautiful with no clothes on”, he turned of the shower, raised my right leg and knelt down, he ate me and he took me to the bed, he kissed me from my neck to my Coochie and he gentle slid his Moderate but long Rod inside my Coochie, I moaned and gasped for air I held him so tight as he kept thrusting, I could feel my walls dancing for joy, he made sure I was satisfied before he came, “Come on top me mama and ride me” I came on top and rode him , till he came. It was a fun , he was my first I enjoyed it.


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