T Songz: 5 Things Every Upcoming Artist Should Know


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Here Are 5 Things Every Upcoming Artist Should Know:

*Be Professional. Professionalism is something all artists need to grasp if they want to be considered a professional artist. Let your sounds be standard. Don’t think like an upcoming artists, rather think like someone who’s ready to feature top stars like Drake, BigWiz, Davido, Jay Z and others. Take your career Very seriously.

*Be a Jack of all Trades (But know Where you best fit). So you are the best rapper this side of the Warri or the best singer in Warri… You can’t really beat your chest that you are a good musician, until you try other sounds and meet people that are better that you in your own genre of music. So, try other genre and have a taste of them. Taste every genre, work on anything you hear that’s good. You can’t tell who you will meet before you blow up.

*Don’t be a D-bag; Yeah, just don’t suck to be around. Meaning don’t let people get bored with your presence because you are always around. Get a job to sponsor yourself first before a label notices you. Nor let people see you finish because you nor dey work.

*Stay on the Grind: Omor! Every Artist at the top today has a story to tell, when it comes to how they made it to the top 🔝. Non of them sat down idle or lazy around. Always Work, write new songs everyday, Use your quiet time well, don’t mess with your carreer, look for new beats to work on. Even if money nor dey to produce them now, nor worry. Money go come one day to sing dem. Better lyrics nor dey lost.

P.S : You have fans out there that are waiting to here your songs man. Blessed people hear with your songs. Make people happy with your music life. Promote your Songs with every little savings you have, you don’t know who might want to hear it and love it or someone might be looking for an Art like you. Take your Music life seriously.
Be proud of your music lifestyle.

Love y’all 💕 from #T_songz.

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