See Top 5 Developed States in Nigeria

Nigerian as a federation has 36 states, but as you can see there are top most developed states amongst them.

See then below;


This state has its capital as IKEJA. The Lagos state is a very developed state in Nigeria as it is located in the Western part of Nigeria.

This state has a lots of industrial employment for people residing in it. With a very huge population. It is referred to as the CENTER OF ATTRACTION FOR NIGERIA. As a lot of people worldwide come to Lagos for tour and even from overseas. This state is also developed in terms of Education as it is endowed with lots of standard education institutions.


This is the second developed states in Nigeria and it is located in the south south zone of the 6 geo-political zones. This state is one of the major oil producing states,with a very high GDP. It also has a lot of progressing business and employment as means of survival for the people.


The capital of this state is also Enugu. With the slogan “Coal city”. It is located in the south eastern part of Nigeria. This city is best known for supplying of basic amenities like water and light to the people.And also a view for tourism.


The capital of this state is CALABAR. It is situated at the south south part of Nigeria. It was formerly known as the capital of the country before. This state possess boundaries with Cameroon and it is surrounded by water bodies.

Its capital is AWKA . With its slogan “LIGHT OF THE NATION”. It was created in 1976 and also the a part of the eastern states we have now. Anambr has proven to be amongst one of the best developed states in Nigeria.



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