Remedies for Stretch marks of the Skin

The skin reacts naturally to different things, one of its reaction is called the stretch marks. The stretch marks are marks on the skin looking worn-out acting as undesirable mark on the skin.

Below are some remedies to dissolve or curb the growth of the stretch marks:


For this to work, the Aloe vera helps and support to regenerate the skin tissue and is used for the treatment if stretch marks due to its miraculous healing properties.

For the effective work of this aloevera , Apply it to the affected areas, 20 – 40mins  and wash it off with mild warm water. It is advices to do it everyday.


This is a very effective kind of oil. With the castor oil , it helps to smoothen out those marks slowly till they fade away.

It is advicable to be used frequently to nourish the affected skin area on a regular basis until results is achieved.



This is most gotten from cocoa seeds. The use of the cocoa butter helps to eradicate stretch marks as fast as possible, whether they are used after or before pregnancy. It makes them disappear totally.

It is best advicable to be used at night, as you massage it  around the affected areas.


This is derived from normal raw eggs. The eggs contains an Amino acids in which the egg helps to regenerate the skin  and eradicate stretch marks completely. To achieve this results, it is recommended to at least beat two eggs with a fork, then apply the white foam to the affected areas and allow it to dry , before rinsing with warm water.

The protein in eggs also helps it to nourish the internal skin cells as well,thereby helping in removal of stretch marks.



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