Past Flames (Epsd 7) a Story by Mee.Kaylah



Genre: Suspense, Drama

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Bukky was so scared and anxious, she didn’t know who the text came from . She tried calling the number and it didn’t connect. She decided to focus her energy on something else.

Her phone rings ……..

“Hello good evening”
Hello good evening, “good evening , Bukola I’m calling to let you know that kola has been lying to you about everything and you will find out very soon.
hangs up ……….
Bukky was so terrified, she was so restless after the call, so she decided to go out to get pizza and ice cream. On her way to the mall, she ran into her colleague at the hospital. “hello doctor Akin” she said, “hey bukola how are you enjoying your leave” he asked. “well it is going quite well I guess, how is work and the family?” ” everybody is fine work is going well too, thank god I saw you I’ve been wanting to get your number, here is my phone please dial it”.
She takes Akin’s phone dialed her number, “here it is Doc ” . “call me Akin okay, I’ll send you a message on WhatsApp, enjoy the rest of your day”. he left bukky was still surprised by everything happening. she buys the pizza and ice cream and heads out.

THE NEXT WEEKEND …………… Bukky went to Ronke’s house so that they would go to the wedding together. “Ah ore mi you look so beautiful, sha don’t go and outshine the bride o”. Ronke hails bukky. ” you have started again we are getting late o, Ronke please be fast me I like to see everything o, and I love your dress the designer did very well”.
They were already prepared, so they headed out together. They arrived at the venue and the first thing Bukky saw was kola’s picture and the bride. She froze in front of the banner. What is wrong? Ronke asked. Tears rolled down bukky’s eyes as she answered , he is my KOLA. “What do you mean he is your Kola , wait is he the bastard that ghosted you?
yes he is , and i am going inside the hall i want to see the bastard. Calm down bukky , ah i didn’t know it was Mr Kola he works with my husband, he is my husbands colleague . He has been engaged to Ejiro for a year now , i won’t let anybody hurt my friend and go away with it. Clean your eyes let’s go inside, they both went inside the reception together.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know why we are gathered here. Today is the day we celebrate with the family of Bankole and the family of Oghenero. lets wait for the bride and groom as they come in.
The MC was giving his speech and all bukky felt was anger running through her veins, Ronke was so pissed too.
Ladies and gentlemen the latest couple in lagos state, i present to you Mr and Mrs Bankole Kolawole as the come in lets give them a round of applause.
The music was playing and the couple as well as their asoebi girls, men in agbada, men on suit, briadak train and all danced into the reception hall. There he is Bukola’s Monkey, the man that has swept her off her feet for months getting married to another woman, he looked so happy as he was dancing and so did the bride “HIS WIFE”.
They looked so good together, as he was dancing their eyes locked and he stood still , everyone was watching them and wondering why he suddenly stopped dancing and who he was looking at. Bukky stood up walked up to him ,give him a dirty slap turned to his wife and said “congratulations, i didn’t know my boyfriend was getting married. have a blissful marriage”. and she left.
The crowd was silent immediately bukky slapped kola, ejiro was shocked and she just had to dance because the show must go on. kola smiled and continued dancing . The crowd started murmuring, Ronke ran out to meet bukky. Bukky was outside crying, “Olabukolami please stop crying I’ve ordered uber and its on its way. Olamide Ronke’s husband came outside as well. “What was that?” he asked, Baby he is the kola that bukky has been telling me about , “Are you serious?, I’m so sorry about that
‘Okay’ baby I’ll send you some money take her out for shopping so she can clear her head, I am very sorry for everything he said to bukky.
Ronke took bukky out to a restaurant they ate , ” i honestly can’t believe that kola would actually do this to me”. “i know it is not going to be easy but you just have to forget about him, that aside has that fine ass doctor messaged you ?”. “Ronke!!!! sometimes i doubt if you are even married o” bukky responded.
“yes he sent me a message when we were at the reception with the whole thing going on i kind of left him on read”. “Read ba wo , sho ya werey? “. she takes bukky’s phone and texted Akin back. “me i did not send you that one oh ” .
“you don’t need to so because of that stupid boy you want to miss out on this, I’ve texted him for you and he is on his way here, but I’ll leave first because Ola is almost here ,I’m going home my dear have fun and call me, you’ve not had sex since kola make sure you do”.
” ah this woman, and you’re married oh, ashawo ni e, thank you please tell your husband i said thank you the shopping really helped”. Ronke left and bukky was waiting for Akin.
Akin walks in with his daughter hailey.

to be continued………


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