Past Flames (Epsd 6) a Story by Mee.Kaylah


Past Flames
Genre: Romance
Episode 6  Ghosted

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Bukky went home after her time with Ronke.

Hmmmmm , “what a lovely day, come to think of it I’ve not heard from kola since he left, I think I should just call him”.
She calls kola but his number wasn’t going through, she tries to text him on WhatsApp but it seems he blocked her .
Bukky was scared , confused and surprised.

“Han han why would Kolawole block me on WhatsApp?”,
She asked herself.
She felt so unease and thought she was probably overreacting.

She just went into her bathroom had her bath ate dinner and slept.

Hours turned to days and days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months.
Bukky hears a knock on her door and she went to check who was at the door.

Oh it’s you , she said disappointedly. Who were you expecting Bukola? , I’ve told you to forget about that kola guy and move on. You’re so beautiful and you have your whole life ahead of you, “Na man matter make you be like this so?” Ronke said as she walked into the sitting room.
Good morning Ronke , Good morning to you too oremi . So you basically took leave off work to sleep and cry?. Ronke asked bukky.
Ore what would you have me do? , It’s not like we had any misunderstanding or something, he just blocked me on all socials and on calls, we were good that day or at least I thought we were.

Okay be calm, it’s been how many months now? , Two right? , You just have to move on besides my EDD is in three weeks.

Awwwwwwwwww congratulations in advance my friend I honestly can’t wait to carry our baby.

Now you’re smiling I’m okay, so before then there’s this wedding I’m planning on attending next weekend, I’d love for you to come, at least you would socialize and see handsome men that would appreciate you .
Okay I’ll try , when next week?
Saturday my love , Ronke replies.
okay then I’ve added it to my schedule so I won’t forget, thanks Ronke for coming it means a lot.

They had a lot to talk about, and it was finally evening.

So I’ll be going now, bukky please do not think about that useless man kehinde abi what’s that his name again,
Kehinde ba wo? She laughed, it’s kola o Ronke, kola . Be safe and see you next week Saturday, my regards to your husband. Okay my friend be good, Ronke replies.

Bukky hears a message notification from her phone and decided to check who it is .

Unknown number

You’re so beautiful and you deserve to know the truth .


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