Past Flames (Epsd 5) a Story by Mee.Kaylah


Past Flames
Episode 5  More to it

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Knock knock!!!!!

I’m coming!!! , Bukky said loudly. She opens the door and kola was there standing all dressed up with a box of chocolate cake,
You made it!! , She said with a smile on her face, come on in dinner is almost ready.
Thanks and this is for you, he said as he handed her the box of chocolate. Okay I love what I’m perceiving, he said as he takes off his shoe.

The food was ready and Bukky served dinner, they ate eforiro and Amala.

You’re still an amazing cook Teddy nothing changed at all .
Thanks baby I try my best , she said grinning from ear to ear.
They sat on the couch and watched a scary movie “The pope exorcist” it was a scary one. Bukky literally crawled in to kola’s skin. Kola kissed her and told her how much he loves her and how much coming back together really meant to him .

I’m really happy I have you in my life mama , and trust me I won’t ever take you for granted, you mean alot to me. He kissed her lower lips as he bit it softly, AH!! She moaned softly, he took off her lingerie, and went under her , kissing and caressing her clits as she moved his head back and forth, he slowly ate her coochie as she moaned loudly this time , he stood up and she knelt down in front of him brought out his rod and stuffed it inside her mouth she sucked it inch by inch, he carried her up and thrusted into her coochie, then they went into her bedroom and she brought out her toys , cuffs, blindfolds, nipple clips and a bullet vibrator .
He cuffed her hands together and blindfolded her eyes , clipped her nipples with the nipple clips, and started stroking her insides with his rod, she moaned and moaned loudly, until she squirted and creamed, after doing all that, kola bent her backwards and started hitting her from behind I love you so much mama he said as he was banging her and her ass cheeks clapped , he came and fell on the bed
That was crazy she said as she smiled, baby Come to think of it I’ve never been to your house, how about we spend the weekend together in your house.
Okay baby, that would be very lovely, he said.

They both woke up very early and left to their respective work places.

Here comes the man of day, says Mr Ogundayo Olamide , the General Manager at Kola’s workplace.
“This one you’re hailing me Mr Ola, have I won a lottery?”
If it was a lottery it would have been better, I see you’ve been so busy lately Kolawole, fàràbâlé (calm down) ooooo “
***Laughs quietly, “please Mr Ola I’ve just been with my girlfriend and I’ve been having a nice time, how’s your wife now?”

“Well my mother in-law has not been feeling too well, so Ronke went to take care of her “

“Okay, I wish her speedy recovery, lemme go to my office now, we’ll talk later “.

Kola said as he went to his office.


Ronke’s sister came to take over from her because of her condition, so Ronke decided to go back home , and prepare for her delivery.
Ronke called bukky and invite her over for dinner .

**** doorbell rings..
” mo nbọ” Ronke screamed as she struggles to carry herself to the door, ” ha oremi , kaabo o” she says as she opens the door for Bukky, ” e dupe” bukky replied.
Wow you have a very lovely apartment

As she walked in, she was greeted by a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The walls were painted in a light shade of blue that complements the wooden floors. The sofa was the centerpiece of the room, It’s a soft and comfortable one with a couple of throw pillows, perfect for lounging and watching a movie. There’s a coffee table in the center, with a couple of books and a vase of flowers. On one side, there’s a floor lamp that provides a warm and cozy light in the evenings. On the other side, there’s a bookshelf filled with books, her wedding pictures, and some decorative items. The chairs are placed around the sofa, and there’s an ottoman that can be used as a footrest. The windows have white curtains that let in the natural light during the day. Overall, it’s a small living room, but it’s cozy, inviting, and perfect for spending quality time with family and friends.

She sat on the sofa, welcome once again my friend what can I offer you? Asked Ronke.
Well just juice would be fine , bukky replied.

Ronke went into the kitchen and brought a glass and a can of juice, serve yourself my friend she said as she placed the glass and the juice on a small table beside bukky.

They drank and gisted , bukky finally saw ronke’s husband in their wedding pictures.
Wow my friend, you’re lucky o, I’m so happy for you bukky said .
Don’t worry Bukola God is preparing a good man for you and we will rejoice, “Amin, ore mi” bukky answered

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