Past Flames (Epsd 4) a Story by Mee.Kaylah


Past Flames
Episode 4  Synopsis

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(picks phone )……..”hello!! monkey what’s up?.” “I’m good teddy I just got home and I thought i should let you know.”
“well that’s good, I’m glad you’re safe and then again thanks for today it was amazing.”
” I’m glad you enjoyed it babes , i miss you already mama, good night sleep tight and dream of me”
“awwwww I miss you too papa, good night muah 💋”

they kept talking to each other every day and they became more close, like they were literally a couple.

It was Monday already and Bukky had to be at work on time , she was supposed to be assisting a gynaecologist for a delivery later that morning.
She had to take a cab, on her way to work she got a text from Kola “Hey mama , I hope you day is as beautiful as your smile” . she giggled softly as she kept her phone inside her bag . Finally she arrived at the hospital , “nurse bukky thank God you are here” said Chineye a middle forties health assistant in the hospital. “Good morning Mrs Chineye, Is doctor Akin in his office?.” ,
“Yes nurse he stepped in ten minutes ago” , “thanks Mrs Chineye ” .
Bukky hurriedly went into the doctors office, “Good morning Doc. ” she greeted , “Good morning, nurse bukky you are five minutes late.”
” I’m sorry sir, traffic.”
“It shouldn’t repeat itself again, go and prepare for the brief meeting before we take the delivery.
“Thanks Doc. I’ll be right back”.
Bukky left to the nurses locker room to change into her uniform and a comfy footwear. She rushed down to the conference room.
“So the delivery is going to be a ‘caesarean section’
nurses on duties please ensure all the equipments are sterilized, please make sure the back up generator is in check”
Doctor Akin instructed, Doctor Akin is the C.E.O of Second chance Hospital, He is a 6ft4′ tall man in his early thirties, he finished from Plymouth University in United kingdom. He is a divorcee with a five year young daughter.

Everything was in order just like Doc Akin instructed. The surgery was a success , “Please announce the birth of the baby girl to her family, nurse bukky”.
Doc Akin instructed, she did as she was told and after a few minutes her shift was over.
Bukky went into the nurses locker room to change her clothes, she was on her way home when she ran into her pregnant secondary school classmate.
“Ah ah who do we have here? Ronke!! , Ha wow you’re heavy” .

” Bukola Akinyemi , it’s been ages , yes I came to register for my delivery” ,

“Ronke wow, congratulations my dear where on earth have you been?, since we wrote waec how many years ago I’ve not seen you “.
“Bukola my dear, I’ve been in abuja, my husband got transferred to Lagos last year so we moved here”.
“That’s nice , we sure have a lot of catching up to do, please let’s exchange contact, here’s my phone put your number, ha!! Ronke baby, marriage looks good on you, you’re glowing girl”.
Ronke inputs her phone number on bukky’s phone,
“Okay so that’s my number please call me , it’s been ages, wait what are you doing here, I hope you’re okay Bukola”.
“Well I’m a nurse here and I just rounded up my shift and I’m heading back home, it was nice meeting you again Ronke , I’ll text you on WhatsApp “
they hugged each other and parted ways.


Bukky picked up her phone when she got a msg from Kola

Kola: Hey mama, how are you ?
Bukky: I’m okay, I had a stressful day, surgery was successful and I ran into a secondary school classmate.
Kola: well I had quite a busy day too, and I know chatting with you would make me feel better.
Bukky: I have to quickly make dinner, I’ll text you later.
Kola: Dinner?, Would be so so nice, if you don’t mind can I come over?
Bukky: I’m on morning duty and I’ll have to leave early to work in the morning, so if you can wake up early sure .
Kola: okay, I’ll see you soon , I pray there is no traffic.

Bukky drops her phone and entered into the kitchen to prepare dinner.


Phone rings***
“Hello honey, good evening, I just want to let you know that I’ll be sleeping at Mama’s this night, she isn’t feeling too well, I just called to let you know and you should try to accompany me to my antenatal okay”
” Hey my love, oh sorry about that , it’s cool you can spend the night at Mama’s please send my greetings to her, and you know I’ve been very busy with work that’s why I couldn’t go with you, take care of yourself okay, I love you”.
” I love you too” Ronke said as she hangs up.

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