Past Flames (Epsd 3) a Story by Mee.Kaylah


Past Flames

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She opened the box, “OMG!!! Kola this is so beautiful”. The box contained a piece of a customized diamond necklace, “I’m glad you love it”.
“Please let’s have a do over?, I miss you and I need you “
“I miss you too, I hope I won’t regret this?
We can take it a step at a time okay?!”

They finished their dinner and Kola drove her home .

“I had a nice time” she said, “I’m glad you did, I did too tho , I hope we can do this again”.
They stood in front of her apartment “well we are here” , “Urhmm would you like to come in?” ,
“You sure?” , “Yes I’m sure come in ” she said as she unlocked the door and they went into her apartment together.

“It’s a beautiful place you’ve got, but not as beautiful as you tho” she smiled warmly as she replied “Thanks K” . “Would you like Champagne or Wine?” she asked , “Let’s go with Champagne ” he replied. She opened the VEUVE CLICQUOT .
Veuve Clicquot is a high-quality champagne that is made from a blend of grapes, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, which gives it a unique flavor profile. It has a crisp, refreshing taste with notes of citrus and apple, a subtle hint of toastiness. It was perfect for that mood.
She brought out two wine glass from her bar and poured into them. “Here’s yours” she said as she handed it over to him, “thanks , I think we should make a toast” he said, “I guess we should” she said as she raised her glass and said “Toast to a Fresh start” , “And to a beautiful beginning” He said and they both clinked their glasses together.
“Let me put on some music ” as she turned on her Music player and connected it to her phone she played ” Can’t help falling by Elvis Presley”.
“Stand up lazy let’s dance” she said as she tried pulling him up to stand on his feet. “Okay Grandma” he said as he stood up laughing, the song was perfect, the drink was perfect, the atmosphere was perfect, they held each other and started dancing along the rhythm of the music.

“Your eyes are so beautiful” He said as he stared into her eyes , she wrapped her hands around his neck as she leaped for a kiss, he pulled her up with both of his hands as he kissed her soft lips, “I’ve missed this” he muttered, “me too” she said faintly.
He kissed her and he went to the couch to sit as he was still carrying her.

“Slow down tiger” she said as she jumped off his body and sat beside him, ” Remember the first day we met?” she asked him “Yes I remember, it was as if it was yesterday” Kola and Bukky met in their school BABCOCK UNIVERSITY, the school cafeteria to be precise.
“Lol you were sitting by yourself like a nerd” he said as he laughed, “no I wasn’t a nerd ” , “you are a nerd, teddy ” he said, that was what he called her when they were dating. “okay so what attracted you to a nerd, Monkey” that was what she called him. “well you looked so innocent and smart, most importantly you were reading my favorite book, RICH DAD , POOR DAD BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI”.
“Yeah right, and you walked up to me , the first thing you said was ‘Money is not the goal. Money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve.’ That was my favorite quote by KIYOSAKI.”
“Lol I nailed it right?” , “nailed what? , I was moved Sha I don’t want to lie”, she said.

Kola and Bukky became friends after they encountered each other at the school cafeteria, they became really close and they studied together almost all the time.

“Well I’m glad we met, I’m glad i am here now with you teddy” , he said.

Hello It was already 9:30PM , and kola had to be on his way home. “I’d love to continue reminiscing but I have to be on my way now, tomorrow is Sunday and I’ve got to rest”. “Awwwwwwwwww that’s true , I had a wonderful time Monkey”. “Me too teddy, we should do this more often, come give daddy a hug ” , he said as he laughed softly. Bukky jumped on him and kissed him, he place his left hand on her thigh , while his right hand was moving slowly on her body, they kissed for about two minutes. “Easy Monkey” she said as she got up on her feet, she pulled him up and walked with him to where he parked his car, “it was one hell of an evening” he said as he opened the door to his car, “good night teddy” he said as he kissed her forehead. “good night monkey” she replied. He got into his car and drove off, bukky went back into her apartment.

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