Past Flames (Epsd 2) a Story by Mee.Kaylah


Past Flames
Episode 2 (Reunited)

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It was 4pm on the dot and Kola left for bukky’s.

Kola wore a suit, he looked like a stylish and confident rebel. The suit was a little bit unconventional, with a brown color and pattern that stands out. He wore the suit jacket unbuttoned, with a plain white t-shirt underneath. The suit pants was a slim fit with a pair of polished black shoes. He had a few accessories that added to his bad boy image, a chunky silver watch and a leather bracelet. Despite his non-conformist style, he could still have a suave and charming demeanor.

His hair was neatly trimmed, tousled way that gives him a rebellious vibe. He had a visible tattoo on his left arm, Despite his bad boy appearance, he could still have a charming smile and a charismatic personality, and warm eyes. He was carrying a small bouquet of flowers as a thoughtful gesture for Bukky…. “Knock Knock!!!”

Bukky wore a fitted black dress that fell just above her knee, with a pair of strapped black heels. She wore accessories (a gold pendant necklace, a pair of gold hoop earrings and a black clutch). Her hair was styled in loose waves and she wore a natural-looking makeup look with a bold lip.
” I’m coming” she shouted as she was walking to the door, Kola was waiting for her to open the door and she did. He felt a pleasant surprise and was impressed by Bukky’s beauty and elegance. he complimented her on her outfit and accessories “You’re so stunning” he said and expressed his appreciation for her taking the time to get dressed up for the date. He handed the flowers 🌹 to her.
“Well I’m impressed, you look good” she said. They both walked down to where kola parked his car, “let me get that” he said as he opened the door for her to get in .

” Where are we going ?” , “well it’s a surprise” Kola said , but let me give you a hint ” It’s a cultural center that also has a restaurant with really delicious food” . Urhmm sounds interesting, Okay I can’t wait to be there. Kola drove off.
At last they arrived at the restaurant TERRA KULTURE, “wow!!! this place is beautiful”, I know right, when it comes to selecting the perfect places or restaurants for a date or hangout Kola is definitely the guy for it .

Welcome ma’am, the security man by the door Greeted Bukky, she blushed as she answered warmly with a beautiful smile. The restaurant was cozy with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The lighting was soft and romantic, and the music was relaxing and soothing. The food was so delicious and beautifully presented, with a variety of options to choose from.
They engaged in an interesting conversation as they were both sharing their thoughts and ideas in a respectful and considerate manner. The date was pleasant and enjoyable experience for both of them. “I can’t believe I left you because I was going to England for my masters ” kola said, “well you did I was hurt, we were the best couple, I thought we would get married and have kids, but unfortunately”, “I’m sorry for everything I put you through, I had no other option I had to go study. please forgive me, I miss you and I want you back please” , Kola said as he knelt down on one knee to apologize to bukky as he gives her a box with a beautiful ribbon on it .
Hmmmmm! , “what’s inside?” , “open it and you’ll find out”

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