Past Flames (Epsd 1) a Story by Mee.Kaylah


Past Flames Episode 1
Genre: Romance

Episode 1 (Unexpected)
It’s was a cold dark tuesday evening, it was about to rain. It was a crazy and stressful day for Bukky, she had just closed from work, she was trying to book a ride home but there was none available, imagine living on the mainland and working on the island, combined with this Lagos traffic and wahala.

She was on the road standing and looking for any available cab, suddenly it started raining, as she was looking for a place to hide, a car parked in front of her, she wondered who it was because the windscreen was tinted, the person from inside screamed (Bukky!!!) as he lowered the glass, Kola she replied “with a supprised tune”.
It’s been a long time, get in he said, she did and they drove off ( It wasn’t really the best day to run into your Ex but the universe has its way of bringing people back into our lives).
Wow it’s been a really long time, how have you been? he asked. “I’ve been good oh, just hustling here and there, you know the country gets harder by the day”.
They a lot of catching up to do, but the time they had on the car wasn’t enough for that, he dropped her off at her apartment. they exchanged contacts and never stopped texting each other that day, they FaceTimed almost every night for the few days. They reconnected and had a good catch up, it was a very good week for the both of them because the last time they saw each other was when Bukky broke things off with Kola because he was traveling abroad.

Bukky, has long black hair, brown eyes, and is about 5’5″ tall. She has a birthmark on her left cheek that makes her unique, she has a slender frame, smooth chocolate skin, and a round face with full lips.
Bukky is a nurse, she is someone who is caring, compassionate and dedicated to helping others. She is always calm under pressure, with excellent problem-solving skills.
She lives on the mainland surulere precisely in a neatly furniture self contain apartment.

Kola on the other hand Is a handsome young man with an athletic appearance, He is around 6 feet tall with a muscular build, chiseled jawline and dark complexion.
Kola works in one of the biggest companies in Lagos as a human resource coordinator, he owned a personal well structured duplex in Victoria island and a GLE SUV Mercedes Benz .

The next weekend was here already, they decided to meet up on Saturday, after the long and stressful week they both deserved a weekend rest. Kola called bukky,

“hey B what’s up? , are still up for today?” “Aah ah!! yes now, I wouldn’t miss it for anything” she replied. “
Okay so I’ll be picking you up by 4pm is that okay by you? ” he asked, “yes sure I’ll be ready by then , see you soon “.

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