My Heart Skips – A Story By Casey Uriel || Episode 4

See Full Story – My Heart Skips A Bit

By Casey Uriel

Episode 4


Before Benny could get hold of the door and lock it, Purple was already inside the room, pulling her hair and cursing her.

Purple please have mercy on this little senseless girl, it’s hurting so much”. Benny said, dragging her voice.

You are not just senseless Benny, you’re just stupid. I wish I could send you to exile. Purple says pulling her hair so hard. Almost immediately, getting hold of her head and pushing it. Benny could only try to endure the pain. She knows Purple, the only thing Purple was good at was grabbing her hair not minding how painful it was. This is actually the reason why Benny took to her heals at the sight of Purple. Knowing fully well that Purple would be very angry at her for sending a man to her place to seduce her.

Slowly catching her breath, Benny sits on the bed and began to explain to Purple why she sent Daniel over. Trying to make her see reasons with her.

Clearing her throat, “Purple this is not just for you but for your name and company. Your fans are still dragging you and your company is in the hands of a stranger” Benny said in a motherly tone. She could hear Purple murmuring something when she said her company was in the hands of a stranger but didn’t say anything. She continued, “aren’t you scared? No one’s can be trusted these days. What if Justina steals everything from you? ” Benny said lowing her face and voice. She knows best Purple’s next reaction.

Justina is Purples friend and she trusts her so much, unlike Benny, she doesn’t like Justina and have avoided being friends with her over the years. In her own opinion, Justina carries some bad energy she wouldn’t like to associate with.

“Justina won’t steal my company” Purple cuts in sharply. Don’t say ridiculous things about her just because you don’t like her.

Justina has been dead busy since the rumor thing. She barely has time for herself and she most times passes the night at the office. Just barely 2 months since this incident, chubby Justina has grown so thin and Purple feels sorry for her. Justina has always been sincere and hard working.

Purple and Benny argued a lot about Justina’s loyalty and decided to let the sleeping dog lie.

Bringing up Daniel’s issue, both ladies disagreed to agree that Purple would have an acting boyfriend. Someone she could easily pay off. Little did the know that while arguing and fighting over so much unnecessary issues, 4 hours had already passed.

Benny totally forgot about Mr Jackson.

Mr Jackson had waited for so long. He could no longer wait again so he excused himself from Daniel who has been keeping him company and left. Before Benny realized and rushed downstairs, Mr Jackson has already left. She felt embarrassed, send for her phone and tried to reach him but no answer. Mr Jackson must be very upset. Turning to Purple, yelled at her saying it was all her fault. Purple didn’t even pay attention, though talkative she is, was nothing compared to Benny. She was exhausted from all the argument.

Soon, she was alone with Daniel. Her heartbeat was a bit faster than normal. It felt so awkward but she still has to do it. She still has to request from Daniel to be her fake boyfriend.

A part of her was a bit scared. What if she ends up falling in love. She didn’t like the way her heart raced ever since the day she saw Daniel. It was a risky game but there was no other choice. She just gotta to double the padlock to her heart. She won’t love this dude ever!

Biting her lips a bit, speaks up but a bit slowly. Making sure not to miss out any point and getting the guarantee that they were on the same page.

Purple explained her situation to Daniel who patiently listened. He knew all about the situation and the role he has to play. They were all explained to him by Benny. Daniel was a man of few words so he nodded and agreed with everything Purple said. They exchanged contact and agreed to meet at eatry down town. They would formally sign an agreement with both of their lawyers present to make sure that in future, no one bridged their agreement.

Meeting at the eatry, Purple ordered a lot of food. Both Benny and she were foodie. Her lawyer doesn’t eat much and she knows nothing about Daniel or his lawyer. Their meeting didn’t look like a formal one. Purple hates too much formalities. Though a celebrity, she always tries to keep and maintain a low profile when not in front of the camera.

Lucky enough for them, there was a blogger at that eatry, sitting at a distance. He recognized Purple and photographed them.

Uploading on his site and staring another rumor on Facebook and Twitter with the headline: Purple in a secret relationship

Obviously, a lot of people must have clicked to read what ever it is that was written under that headline

Benny and Purple sat under the harsh weather of the sun, reading a lot of comments under the post with a mixed expression on thier face.

At some point, Purple seems to be trying to catch her breath.

People are sick she murmured

Yeah, but the comments are improving. You’ve got people on your side now, Benny added with a smile on her face.

Yeah! Making a pretty sad face Being a celebrity is not easy. You should try to become one someday

Godforbid!! Tell me to make money and not to because a celebrity please. Having money is good for me but being a celebrity (Making a sad face) will only make me sick and become a confused soul. That celebrity shit sucks

Purple, fixing her eyes on her in shock trying to assimilate all she just said asked her in the calmest tone, “are you per chance saying I’m a confused soul?”

Huh? That question was a bomb, Benny didn’t expect it, she just looked at Purple, stands and walks out.

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