My Heart Skips – A Story By Casey Uriel || Episode 3


See Full Story – My Heart Skips A Bit

By Casey Uriel

Episode 3


Why did she send you?

Daniel curls his lips, using his fingers to rob it seductively as if wiping something off. Grabs Purple who’s a bit out of balance to himself. “She only sent me, she didn’t say you were this beautiful”He whispers in to her ears

With shock still written all over her face, exhails. “Oh! Yeah¡”  Slowly separating herself from Daniel. Though cute, he sure got some attitude. Hesitating for a while speaks out “You should get going. I was on my way out” slightly pushing him away, closes her door and walks towards the road as Daniel stares at her until he could see her no more.

Today, Purple didn’t go out with her car, she’s feeling too stressed out to drive. Arriving at a club house, goes in and orders a bottle of the strongest wine they have.

As Purple drank and got drunk, she could see faintly the image of someone sitting in front of her, soon collapse on the sofa.

Back at Mr Bernards house

Purple’s mum was very anxious and uneasy. Since the last time, Benny called her over, she hasn’t seen Purple. It’s so weird how Mr Bernard was a bit relaxed. He used to be the one who cared most for his children and worries when he hasn’t heard from them.

Serving him his cigarette, she asked in a very surprised but calm tone. Aren’t you a bit worried about our daughter?

“What if we died, won’t she survive?”

His words pierced her heart, she looked at him resentfully not knowing what to reply. Guessing what was in her heart, Mr Bernard smiles and pat her on her back, “our daughter is strong. We shouldn’t get involved in this unless she asks for our help”.

Purple’s mum was not quite satisfied with his answer but also saw reasons with him so she kept mute and didn’t border to argue.

It was early the next morning, opening her eyes to the sun rays coming from her window, Purple  faintly sees a figure, carefully opening the curtains on her window, letting the brightness of the weather penetrate.

Realizing it was her room and that she lived alone, quickly gets up, holding firmly her blanket over her chest. With a tense voice asked; “who are you and what are you doing here?”

Daniel turns, grinds his teeth and greeted. Purple quickly recognizes him and caution “how did you get in my house?”

Your question should rather be ” what happened last night” or simply thank you for bringing me home.

Purple flashes back to yesterday but can’t clearly remember anything. She only has slight memory of her in the club house drinking. Her mouth was thrown open with mixed feelings and thoughts. She possibly can’t ask what happened last night. It will be too embarrassing.

Back at Benny’s house

Benny haven’t been able to reach Daniel since yesterday. She had sent him to Purple’s to seduce her and help her get back on track. Benny wouldn’t have the slightest idea if it was mission successful and it’s really making her uneasy.

Miss, there’s a man downstairs. He’s been craving to see you for the past 3 days. Should I let him in? Nanny Nelo a middle aged woman asked

With a look of surprise on her face. A man has been looking for me for the past 3 days?

Yes Miss

Send him in. I will be with him soon… Benny says as she puts her legs on her slippers and walks out of the room.

It was Mr Jackson who has come to see her. Mr Jackson is a guy who is interested in her, he is also her business partner.

Benny runs a school which is just a stone throw from her place, she also adopts and takes care of orphaned kids. Mr Jackson who is a little bit older than her is a partner in the school. He is good looking and has a very humble appearance.

Hey! Mr Jackson, I just heard from Nanny Nelo that you’ve been trying to see me for the past 3 days. Benny said in a loud tone. Benny is a habitual talkative and noisemaker. Ordering for drink, sits opposite Mr Jackson. I’ve been very busy lately and ordered that no one should see me. I’m sorry.

Not an issue. I noticed you’ve not been to school for about a week and I decided to check on you.

Oh! Scratching her head. My little boy has been sick and we’ve been in and out of the hospital. Benny said sharply.  Just about then the door bell rang, Benny signals the maid to open the door.

Boom! It was Daniel and Purple, coming in contact with Purple’s eyes, Benny could see nothing but rage, fierce rage. Benny was a little terrified by the looks in her cute blue eyes. She tried a lot to stay balanced and focused but her body reaction got the best of her. Standing up at the blink of an eye, Benny runs upstairs.

Tilting her head to look at the direction Mr Jackson, Purple squeezes her hands tightly as if wanting to put up a fight with someone. Tried as much as she can to subdue her anger and stay calm but finds herself all of a sudden pulling her shoes and throwing them towards the direction of Benny as she screams her name. Cursing her

Make sure I don’t find you Benny I’m gonna squeeze the life out of you. Walks vigorously towards the stair case as Daniel and Mr Jackson’s mouth are thrown open in surprise. The obviously have not seen the girls go bad before. How bad can they they be Daniel thought to himself. He knew the reason for Purple’s rage.

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