My Heart Skips – A Story By Casey Uriel || Episode 2


See Full Story – My Heart Skips A Bit

By Casey Uriel

Episode 2

This story is just getting interesting

Miss Purple did you let us come to your house in order to admit the rumors

How true is the rumor miss Purple

Could there be a reason for not liking men? Probably past relationships?

Have you always loved the women

Will you one day fight for the legalization of same sex marriage here in Nigeria

How do you intend to handle your fans

So many questions popping in as Purple and Benny tries to gain balance. Purple clears her throat, like an elegant woman that she is, boldly looks at the reporters one after the other and speaks softly

Would you let me answer your questions or you will just ask so many questions at the same time and end up not getting an answer to any of it. Walks to the sitting room and takes her sit, gently looking at the reporters again. I called you to my house to clear the air. Firstly this is my childhood friend Benny. Calling Benny over. I’ve known her since my 22 years here on planet Earth and we’ve been great friends. We both like men and I’ve been in a couple of relationships in the past. I don’t see what really brought about this rumors.

Your previous relationships how was it?

I can’t tell, each relationship we break off from, helps us leap into maturity regarding the affairs of the heart

Will you go into a relationship soon?

Looking at them, begins to count her words….is a woman totally useless without a man in her life? You guys didn’t say….

As the girls sat on the bed that night, they began to review the comments online and they were worst than before. One could say that her village people are after her looking to bring her down. Benny stares at her for a while and speaks up

I’ve been busy lately, and I’m very exhausted, what if we go for a vacation.

You should go alone I don’t want to. Benny could feel how sad and horrible she was feeling from her look and tone. Purple is just a girl and shouldn’t go through all this. Benny thought to herself. She was older than Purple with 3 years. Taking Purples phone, turns it off. You should never look at the phone if it makes you sad. And tomorrow you should call your mummy, you need eat her food.

Benny let’s out a fake smile. It was very obvious she forced it. Lay on the bed and covered herself up with the blanket, Benny caresses her hair, and gently puts her to sleep. Purple was her parents last child. though successful, she’s still a baby to her friends and family.

Waking up to the aroma of a delicious meals, walks to the dinning to see her parents and Benny setting up the dinning

Mum! Dad! She calls out in surprise. What are you doing here?

We’ve been following up on your recent news. They are not so good, your mum was worried so I let her check up on you Mr Bernard says

As if I don’t know you were the one more worried. I will sort out you and mummy later. As for now I need to eat. I’m so hungry. They all smile as they take their sits on the dinning.

My Bernard is a bastard billionaire. The root foundation of his children’s success though he was blessed with reasonable children who knows how to invest and make their own money. He loves his 3 kids so much two of which were abroad. Since this incident, Purples siblings never let a day pass by without calling to check up on her.

Maybe you should get a boyfriend her mum carefully advised as they washed the dishes

Mummy, I’m not mentally and emotionally ready for a relationship. The work load will be cumbersome. More so you know I’ve never been lucky in relationships.

How come you became my lucky child? The mum teased her. Everywhere fell quiet as Benny walks in announcing her departure… She still has unfinished business. She is yet to meet her nannys and the teachers. Hopefully they most have arrived her apartment.

Many days has past and it seems the topic is still hot on the internet, she goes out to get some groceries and all eyes fixed on her, she could hear how people gossiped and cursed her.

She stopped going to church because she became the sermon of every mass.

Her show, she had to temporarily shut down, the company, she made the public believe she had stepped down.

Justina, a good friend and the company’s president has now taken charge.

Justina and Purple have known each other for over 7 years now. She was her classmates and also gossip mate back then in senior secondary School. Unlike Benny, Justina and Purple shared similar dreams and Justina has being by her side right from the onset of Purplin. Now Justina must bear full responsibility for the company and restore it to it’s former glory.

Two months has passed already and her gist is still hot online. It seems there are people who desperately wants to force her out from lesbianism. What a heck! “I’m not even a lesbian” she thought to her. This feeling isn’t good at all. She’s got to give the public what they want.

Picking up a pair of pants from her dressing room, puts it on and walks to the door. On opening the door, meets a tall, well build body, man standing in front of her door. He was light skin. He has bright eyes, his face was well shaped with a well pointed nose and pink lips which looked extremely naturally. This look is something that is hardly found in Nigeria, for a moment, Purple totally fell for his looks.

Speaking up in a very manly tone that would attract any lady on planet Earth, Daniel introduced himself.

Hi, I’m Daniel, a teacher in Miss Benny’s daycare, she sent me over…. Noticing that she wasn’t paying attention to his him, called her back to the moment. Are you Miss Purple? Miss Benny sent me to you.

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