My Heart Skips – A Story By Casey Uriel || Episode 1


See Full Story – My Heart Skips A Bit

By Casey Uriel

Episode 1

As she thought about the rumors spreading online, and how badly her business was drifting off because of it, Purple thought to herself, what if she gets into the friends with benefits stuff that most rich ladies in the city were involved in. She can not afford to get attached to anyone at this point in her life. Just then, her phone rang, it was Benny calling.

Benny is Purples child hood friend, they grew up together and practically does everything together. She’s everyone’s choice, she’s slim, with a curved waist, a seductive boobs and a beautifully shaped face. Her height was encouraging and the sparkle in her eyes is something that is just extremely extraordinary, her fair skin just crowns up her beauty. A color deeply appreciated.

Though beautiful as she is, she’s proudly single, she never stops to listen or allow a man sweet talk her. She doesn’t believe in love. Yes! Benny is not the everyday girl that wishes to love and be loved in return more so she has her best friend that she loves so much, who also in return, loves her so much.

Purple on the other hand often described as the sugar brown skin girl is a dazzling beauty, her brown skin is as shinny as a bronze, her long African hair which is always kept natural, the color of her eyes are blue, something rarely found in Africa.

Purple is into the entertainment and fashion world,  the owner of Purplin. Purplin is a big fashion and entertainment company so being such a star, everyone crushes on her and cares about her affairs.

Picking up her phone to answer Benny’s call, hey! What’s up?

Benny on the other end was a bit cold. She has been busy lately with her project in school and has not had time with her phone talk more of opening any of her social media account. Just when she was a bit free, she logged in on Facebook and saw the gossip. Going on Twitter, it was just a choas. Same sex relationship is something that can totally ruin a person’s reputation here in Nigeria and her best friend was being accused of that. Her talk show ratings were not so good. Purple, in a very low tone Benny called out from her end. Are you alright? Do you want me to come over?

I just wish you could but still you can’t abandon those babies you are caring for because of me. Don’t worry Benny I will come out of this.

Benny, hesitating for sometime speaks up,  can we have dinner together tonight? The workers I hired will be arriving this afternoon so I will be free in the evening.

Okay, but I let the media come to my place tonight, by 6, they requested for an interview

No problem Purple. Just be good.  See you in the evening Benny says as she ends the call. Just then she turned to see a car coming towards her direction. Could it be the Nanny’s and retired teachers she sent for? Checks her time and stands without an expression on her face, patiently waiting for the car to stop and let out the people it conveyed. Soon enough, the car stopped, letting a tall, good looking, well build man step down, paying off the driver, grabs his bag and walked towards Benny now Benny has a look of surprise on her face. Yes Benny had send for Nanny’s and retired teachers for the school she’s setting up and not some handsome dude that’s coming to her direction. For the very first time, she fell lost at the sight of a man. In her guess, this young man should be in his late 20s to early 30s before realizing it, Daniel was already standing in front of her

Hello ma’am” Daniel called out to her

Yes? Reply faintly

I’m Daniel, he continued, a teacher, I was sent her by the company

Benny cuts in a little sharply, you can’t pass for a teacher, moreover I am looking for a retired teacher because it’s a full time job

I Know, every details of the job was carefully explained to me. Including the payment details. I hope you accept me and let me work ma’am

Huhm” Benny slightly twisted  her mouth, locking her eyes with that of Daniel.

Purple on the other end, drops her phone and goes to the kitchen to find herself something to end, she looks exhausted, the rumors is really taking a toll on her she can not count how many call, text messages she has received since the rumors begun.  She’s lost so many clients, her stocks in the Purplin fashion world is still hanging, something that doesn’t take 2 days to get sold off. Her talk show ratings and analysis her horrible. The curses are just nothing to write home about and she’s lost a lot of fans. This is not good. It is not just good!.

Looking at the fridge and finding nothing in the house to eat, goes back in her room, picks up her phone and places order for food. She really does not have the strength to go out and again she needs to put her house in order for the interview later in the evening.

Just about the time her meal arrived, Benny also arrived at her place, on seeing Purple, Benny began to shout, calling out the name Jesus. She was very childish and noisy around Purple

Benny, speaking loudly, I did not realize it was this bad, look how tin you’ve become my friend.

Purple, finding herself, frowns and looks at her. Get ready to become as tin as I am now because rumors has it that you are my lover

With her mouth open in shock, Benny gasped for breath. What nonsense! I can’t get dragged in this. This is your cross to carry, I can only stay by your side as a good friend

Keep wishing!! Worst friend ever, Purple cuts in as she makes her way to the dinning, Benny runs after her. Purple I’m so hungry, I’m not letting you this food alone.

Both sitting at the dinning, Purple looks at Benny with a gloomy face as if having mixed feelings about her coming over. You shouldn’t have come this early, Purple said slowly. We are both being dragged in this issue. They reporters aren’t supposed to meet you here…. Just before she could finish her statement there was a knock on the door. Both looking at each other terrified. Benny speaks up immediately, I should hide. Just when she was about standing up, the door banged open. Boom!! It was the reporters they were much, more than Purple had expected. They ladies eyes bluffed out, it seems as if the ground should open and swallow Purple. Her business will crumble she was sure of it. As there was not escape, the reporters were already taking pictures and notification that she didn’t pay attention to kept popping on her phone. Could it be that some of them were going live? 🙄



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