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Love is alive
So in my first article, I gave some definition about love and there are more definitions, many people have their own opinion about love but in this article I’m not gonna be talking about opinion of love.so I know many people would be wondering what I meant by “Love is alive“ the truth is I’m surprise myself.

What do I mean by love is alive? Many people will be wondering, does that mean love is a being and the answer to that question is NO. Just because love is alive, it doesn’t mean it’s a person.

Anytime we fall in love with someone, we hope that it grows and anything that grows is alive so we were taught in school. Nobody wants the love they have for them to die so it safe to say love is alive.
In every relationship what should be sustaining that relationship is love and if love is not sustaining that relationship, it means there is no life in that relationship. So for any relationship to progress, develop, headway, improve, grow, which other word we want to use, the love need to be alive, now this is the mistake so many people make, they are so careless and irresponsible. they have disregarded the fact that love needs to be cared for’ in their relationship they are ignorant and they don’t care to know that there are things that love can do without and things love can’t do without

There are things that sustain love in a relationship, there are things that make love grow in a relationship and if those things are not done, it kills the love in a relationship.so the question is what are those things that sustain love in a relationship, I’m just gonna be listening out few ones I n this article which are;

  1. Pride:  you see this word, I hate with passion, I mentioned it first because the down fall of any relationship is ‘pride’ Any relationship were pride is, the source of love have nothing to do in such relationship, you may be wondering, who is the source? God is the source of love, God is the beauty of love, if you want a successful and beautiful relationship then you need him in it. now it is recorded in the Bible that there are some certain things our God hates and pride is mentioned in different scriptures, it was repeated how he hate pride(James 4:6) “God oppose the proud but he give grace to the humble “pride will cost you everything and the leave you with nothing in your relationship.
  2. Disrespect: now any relationship without respect have no future, it gonna fall apart, it’s only a matter of time; respect in a relationship is very important, it beautify the relationship in ways you can’t imagine, you can’t say you love someone without showing respect to your relationship, spouse, I’m not taking about one sided respect now; in a relationship some guys have this mentality that since they are the male, they have upper hand in the relationship meaning they can do what so ever they like, the lady should be the one showing the respect in the relationship, I’m gonna get to that not in this article what I’m saying is, when you respect your relationship there are things you would not do “against” your relationship and there are things you would not do in your relationship, there’s a way people would see your relationship and they would see the glow all over it, that’s what respect does, it brings the glow in a relationship.
    So I’m gonna stop here till my next article, thanks guys

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