So it been long I wrote and it has not been easy, I miss writing because I feel a particular somebody needs to read from my article.
I have an unfinished article but I also write as am led,I have a question for you guys in this article and I’m gonna trust you to answer it without lying to yourself…..
Have you ever been in love that you feel you can do anything and you have the world in your palm? The answer is yes for me, sometimes when we fall in love we mistake our feelings for the other person’s feelings. you see love, it cant hide, it has this glow that creates an awareness about its presence And do you know the best part is when your partner feels the same way. I’m trying to understand love this past few months, according to my research and observation love has nothing on it, it’s easy and simple to understand. Yes easy’ people are the ones need to be understand, people are the ones who changes, people are the ones we need to watched out for.
My boyfriend ask me a question and he said how can I be with him and not cheat on him, that was a question I ask myself a long time ago before I started dating and a lot of us still ask same question till date. I mean there are a lot of beautiful ladies and men out there.And I always wonder why would someone chose to settle with just one person remember in my first article i mentioned that everybody have their spec and also some just want to have them all.
Love changes love renew and of course love is patient it doesn’t judge neither does it condemn.In Bible school we were made to understand that nobody should change because of you they should change because they want to. love doesn’t just change you, love makes you want to be better for the one you love. I know you would be wondering about the reply I gave my boyfriend.I told him that I love him so much and I value the relationship we have, which took us time to get to the position we are and it took time to earn his trust and him mine; it took work and time to make a solid relationship by his grace the one we have now. I simply told him that I know how it was in the first phase of our relationship and I don’t see myself apologizing for something I am supposed to be enjoying and he agreed with me,being with one person isn’t easy but being in love with someone is easy to be with them.
So When a guy or a girl hurt you continuously and claim to love you They are just wasting your time because You see when you love someone you don’t Hurt them intentionally any Repeated sin Is no longer a mistake it is an habits you enjoy doing. OK guys I’m gonna stop here until my next article…remain blessed


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