Izza Bells Sensation – Boys Only Wants Sex From Girls In A Relationship

What can you say about guys who want a serious relationship for the cookie(pussy)
So I went to the salon to make my hair, one of the lady there said something that strike my attention. She said her boyfriend broke up with her and a new guy is asking her for a relationship. This new guy is making it seem like he wants a serious relationship so as to get the cookie(sex)she said it’s same thing her ex did just so he can have sex with her whenever he feels like, then when he was done using her, he just dumped her. Which makes me wonder, if that’s 💯 percent correct? Do guys really date ladies because of Sex? I don’t know if I should believe that some guys date ladies only just to have sex with them and they can go as far as making it seem like they want a serious relationship with them(this is wrong)

Don’t get me wrong but if I may say some guy have Guinue intentions the first time they approach a lady (this men are few)so the question is what happened and what what change?! why didn’t it work and why do ladies later have this impression that guys only date them just to have the cookie (sex)even when the guy was Genuinely attracted to her at first …I have 2 assumptions..

  1. The guy was really attracted to her the first time but after 1 or 2 months being together discovered either she was not his type.
  2. He was just pretending just to have sex with her
    Now my first assumption really have everything to do with the girl..most times when a guy ask you out, he doesn’t know your character, during the process of dating, he began to know who he claim to love and may not like what he’s seeing.most guys are even patient enough to be in that relationship 1 to 2years some girls are just the worst..”yeah I’m a lady but the day you see your brother cry because of a girl is the day you realize that girls are as devious as guys” back to what I’m saying…now the way relationship overwhelmed ladies, you know that thing when a girl is in love and she want everyone and everything on earth above and beneath to know about her man. that’s how it is with guys, if he does love you, you would be seen everywhere so now this period he might not really know who he says he loves. most guys show off their girls too early. Hey I’m not against a guy showing off his relationship. But showing it off with out having a little bit of idea what you are in now that’s a big mistake or without having a bit of about relationship, then that’s immaturity. Then I do wonder why a guy that say he loves a girl and wouldn’t want her to see his friends or family,it took me time to understand that his just being careful,he want to be able to define their relationship before introducing her to the important people in his life…not introducing her today and breaking up with her tomorrow when your friends or family ask about her, the things that comes out of his mouth is.”she is not my type “why didn’t you make sure to know her well enough if she is was your type before introducing her as your girlfriend or even future wife. not knowing her well enough before making the early honeymoon promises,you can remember in one of my article I mentioned that the first 1-2months in a relationship is the honeymoon and during this stage you guys are still in your conform zoon so nothing is definite..everything is perfect this period, this period she is the mother of your unborn kids. Be very sure before making promises Now my second assumption he was pretending so he can have sex with you..this is common in guys “yes “they pretend to like a girl, they go as far to making her feel loved and feel special, after achieving that they just have sex with her 1 or 3 times and they are done, all In the name of serious relationship they have sex whenever they feel like. Some just turn her into a sex doll, that’s why you are only around whenever they want you to (sex)and not when you want to. As a girl if anytime you’re with your man all you do is sex when ever you’re around with him then suspect that relationship or does it means that you can only offer your MAN SEX?! Question that relationship. Now this is common with guys, I wonder why!What’s the need of pretending just to have sex with her? You wanna know what I think?I think she’s worth going all that trouble for and I also think he want her to feel he can be trusted so she can give her all of her. Guys don’t like settling for less even girls but sometimes girls compromise. Once a naive girl trust a guy that she love she would wanna do anything to please him
    A guy who loves you will not just want to have sex for some period of time and sex will not be the only reason he would want you around him or to be with him, he would be interested in knowing the real you and be patient with you..now most guys are like this the first time but they end up breaking up with the girl which make me wonder why..while some guys pretend to need a serious relationship just to have sex with her this is because Getting close to the lady they like her, they discover that she is the type of girl in need of a serious relationship so they decide to act serious And most times it works lots of girls have been blinded by this”I’m in need of a serious relationship “,any guy that come their they want it to be a serious guy, as girl guys would come, they have to if not you have a problem and you need spiritual help but not all that comes you take serious because not all that comes your way are serious. It’s not a crime to go easy with that guy proposing relationship to you. Remember anything you rush in you also rush out. Don’t let any guy see how desperate you are in need of a boyfriend if not they’re going to take advantage of that and you won’t see it coming ….slow and steady with prayers wins the race

Like the salon lady the second guy now she is really taking her time to understand and know his intentions, i know this is not 100% helpful, thats when prayers comes in. Don’t rush into any relationship.

So guys I'm stopping here till my next article, have a blissful weekend

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