Interesting facts about The Lady in 20 Naira note


The 20 naira note is a Nigerian currency which is used as a means of exchange. When you take a closer look at the 20 Naira, you will notice a lady and also the past Military Head of state of Nigeria, Murtala Mohammed. Her name LADI KWALI.

LADI KWALI was among the Nigerian’s inventive potters. She was a native of KWALI in 1925, which as of now called ABUJA. LADI KWALI was born in the year 1920. She had no schooling at all, buh Ahmadu Bello university respected her with a doctorate degree in 1977. Where she became a half-time lecturer in the college.

Her previous year filling as a talented potter. She was envlined by her culture, to fabricate bits of pottery that were motivated by the tradition of Gbayi.

LADI KWALI cuts pots that were utilized for storing water used for cooking.

In year 1950, Micheal Cardewan , who was an English potter,saw ladi’s imagination inside the castle of an Emir. He was moved by the class of an expertness. Micheal set up the premiere pottery school in Abuja ,where he enlisted and taught many men. LADI was the first premier lady to be enlisted at the pottery school in Abuja.

Her relationship with Michael changed her life forever. LADI KWALI came to be the world best known prestigious potter from Nigeria. Her pottery works were displayed in 1960, on the day Nigeria got her independence Day.

She showed her pottery exhibition during a visit to london, and was given Award for as a Member of the British Empire Most Excellent order.

The Nigerian Government regarded her in 1980, with (NNOM) which was a legitimacy Award that had the most noteworthy bureacratic honor of Scholastic accomplishment.


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