How To Make Your Own Organic Cream


There are many organic soaps and cream out there that makes you glow. Here are tips to help you make yours.



*2 Base soap

*Glycerin 2 teaspoon

*Half spoon of Lemon

*Tumeric one spoon

*Papaya juice three teaspoon



1: Cut your carrots into smaller items or grate it, after you grate finish, blend the carrot and sieve, the blended carrot is named Carrot pure. Extract the juice and add a little water to the extracted juice .Then do similar to your papaya .

2:Grate your base soap and put it in a stainless bowl , place your stainless bowl that contains the base soap in a pot of boiling water ,leave it to melt. After melting don’t take it away let it remain on the gas /stove and off the light.

3:Pour your sieve carrot purée and three teaspoons of papaya purée together. Pour your glycerin, coconut oil, Vitamin E, turmeric ,lemon and honey mix all along with your pure and use a picket spoon to mix it terribly well.

4:Take way your liquified base soap from the boiling water and build it soften well , pour all your ingredients and blend well with a picket spoon.

5:Rub very little oiling on the mould you wish to pour the soap permit the to chill and unmould once it’s absolutely solidify.


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