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Dinner Plans a story written by Mee.Kayla
Epsode 2 🔞

So I came out of the bathroom naked, he was just there sitting on the bed looking at me with those sexy brown eyes. I dried myself up and put on my Peejay’s , not gonna lie the candles were so beautiful .
“Mama you’re so sexy ” he said, I giggled warmly it was very sexy to hear him say those words. I couldn’t hold myself anymore, I jumped on the bed and kissed him. “Easy teddy” he said “let’s eat dinner before I eat you mama”. At that point I was already horny as 4ck but I had to slow down because we had the whole night to ourselves.

We went to the dinning, he asked me to sit and wait for him to serve the food since I had already taken my bath, He rolled the chair out for me like a perfect gentle man and served the food.

We ate and after eating we decide to see a movie on Netflix 🎥 “Sex life” one of my favorites . We were in the living room seeing the first episode , I felt something on my thighs “4ck” it was his fingers, he quietly moved them slowly on my thighs, like this man literally wanted to finish me “Ha mogbe !!” .

He looked at me innocently like he didn’t know what he was doing, “hey mama ” he said as we maintained eye contacts “yes baby” I replied, “close your eyes” he said , I obliged and he left me for a minute, when he got back he covered my eyes with blindfolds and he slowly undressed me as he was kissing my body, he took everything off me and I was just there lying down on the bed looking so innocent, he gentle opened my legs and started kissing my thighs, he didn’t stop there in fact he hadn’t begun, he slowly went up to my belly button and kissed it, I could feel him slowly moving to my 😽 and he licked it, he stopped said “mama you taste so good”, he turned off the movie and started playing 🎵 “back to sleep by Chris brown” , he came back and he cuffed my hands and started eating me up, I felt him stroking my clits as he was eating my 😽, I was so wet and my nipples were so hard, he came back up and kissed me. “How badly do you want me mama?” he asked, “so badly baby” I replied. He removed the blindfold and cuffs, he went to his drawer to search for condoms, I went to where he was standing knelt down and put his dic in my mouth, men it was so big!! I licked the tip of his dic , and inserted half of it inside my mouth, “4ck” he moaned, I loved the fact that he moaned so I continued sucking him vigorously, he stopped me and got the condom and carried me to the room.

written by Mee.kaylah


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