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Dinner Plans a story written by Mee.Kayla
Epsode 1 🔞

We made dinner plans just like I imagined , it was already happening, I was there in his house with him alas! he couldn’t stop staring at me , he kept telling me how beautiful I was, we hugged and he smelled so nice arghhhh!!!! .

He had a very nice apartment , I was so exhausted from my journey and I was so hungry, we started contemplating on what to eat , then I decided we get barbeque fish and noodles, we went out to get them, came back then I entered the kitchen and started preparing the noodles, a few minutes on I noticed he was lighting red candles, he came into the kitchen where I was , hugged me from behind and started kissing my neck, then he kissed my lips it was so soft and it continued for about three minutes then I stopped because according to what I had planned out sex comes in last, so I pushed him away and I asked him why he got candles and he said he wanted it to be a special and perfect night for the both of us, I was just there grinning from ear to ear,
He started playing a song from his phone it was one of my favorite ” photograph 🎵 by Ed Sheeran” , lol he still remembered , I smiled and went back into the kitchen to continue what I was doing.

I was done preparing dinner so i went to have my bath , he came into the bathroom immediately I entered and we started kissing but this time it was more intense, I was dripping wet in my 🐱 he knelt down he started eating it , he ate it till my legs started shaking and I could no longer feel them, he stood up kissed me and slowly stroked my clits as he was kissing me, at this point all I wanted was to be 4cked so hard, he whispered to my ears “chill mama there’ll be enough time for this”.

written by Mee.kaylah
edited by BIGG RIS

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