Devil On The Block – Story By Abimbola Amoda (Episode 4)

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( Fairview Hospital )

What do you mean he’s nowhere to be found inspector Obinna… Has he been informed about his wife?

Yes sir! And I was told by Doctor James that senator Tunde’s assistant call in to check on Mrs Ronke…

His assistant..?
What about senator Tunde; did he call ?
No sir…
Inspector Obinna it seems there’s more to this unfortunate incident than meets the eyes…

( Unknown Location. Phone rings )
I see you are trying to run from the truth, just like you did 16yrs ago Tunde… ( A famine voice speaking )

Who.. who is this!? And what do you want from me…? ( Call drops  )

( Tunde shaking in nervousness trying to recall the voice he just heard )
No… It can’t be! I.. I killed her. I watched her die right in front of my eyes…
She’s dead! She is dead! ( Bending over his knees )

( Heavens club  3:30am)
Tunde. Let me drive please! You are drunk and is dangerous for you to be driving… Okay! Fine! “Sign” you’re always baby sitting me every time… ( Tunde staggering to the car )

Mrs Gbemi.. where should I drop you?.. ( Dave adjusting the driving mirror )
Hmm… She’s asleep.
I guess you’ll be spending the night with us then…

Mrs June!
Yes sir… Please help me ( trying to carry Gbemisola out of the car )

( Phone rings ) Mr Dave sir. I think her her phone is ringing…
Okay Mrs June; just help her inside and give me the phone…

Hello… Hello… ( Line dropped )
Hmm.. how strange…

( Looking at Tunde dead drunk ) okay Mr… Let me take you inside.

( Phone rings again )
I wonder who is calling her by this time..?

Hello… Hello… Who is this please??

Where is Gbemi? ( A male voice spoke ) well she’s at Ak Estate sir… And don’t you worry about her, she’s safe.

And she’s.. ( line drops )
How rude… ( Dave mumbles )

( Morning )
aoch! My head hurts so bad… ( Tunde placing his hand on his head )

Hey champ! You’re up!
Hey.. babysitter… Where is Gbemi?
Hope I didn’t embarrassed myself yesterday…

Well there’s no need to panic because she was drunk too.
Is she up yet?

Well I’m not sure Tunde… But bro someone called her phone last night; and with the way he was sounding. I think he’s her boyfriend…

Boyfriend? Come-on Dave… I did my research… Gbemi does not have a boyfriend. Dave I’m sure you are over exaggerating. And you know you drunk a little too much…

Tunde don’t even go there… I know what I’m talking about.
Okay! Okay!

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