Devil On The Block – Story By Abimbola Amoda (Episode 3)


Winds Airport SA 10:00am

Hello. Mr Tunde.. hope you’re comfortable?  ( Tunde wearing a surprising look; looks up )
Hey! Mary how are you?.

Well.. I’m good where you left me, how’s your family?
Don’t say that. You know after that party I actually looked for you, you know..

Tunde.. I know you’ve always been a silver tongue devil. So let’s say I find that hard to believe.
Anyways.. how’s your family?

( Flight attendant interrupts ) hello ma’am; please you’ll have to take your  sit now, we are about to take off.

Oh! Okay.. okay.. Tunde we will chat long next time. ( Blowing kisses to Tunde )

Alright Mary… ( Tunde smiling )

AB Airs Nigeria
I guess is till another flight then.. Mr Tunde Oladepo..  ( Tunde smiling )

Alright Mary. I’ll call you..

Bridge Land Hotel Lagos
Welcome sir. Please come with me, your room is ready.

Thank you Jenny. Hope I’m not on the records?
No sir..
Alright.. just send my food to me upstairs.
Okay sir..

( Tunde opening his door )
Finally! Peace of mind. ( Putting on the TV )
Is been four days since Mrs Ronke Oladepo was attacked by an unknown suspect. Reports states that she is yet to recover as her condition remains critical. ( Tunde putting off the TV in anger )

Gosh! This whole thing is driving me crazy!! ( Picking up his lodgages )

Fairview Hospital 6:00pm
Detective Williams. I was told you wanted to speak to Mrs Ronke?
Yes doctor. Is she awake?

I’m afraid not yet detective… You see detective. Mrs Ronke really suffered a severe concussion because of the bang on her head, and we conducted an MRI on her brain and I’m afraid there’s a chance she’s lost her memories..

Doctor are you saying she doesn’t remember what happened to her?

Well detective.. not even the fact that she’s a wife and a mother..

So! Detective if there is any way to bring senator Tunde here.. I guess you guys should do it.
Because in some cases of amnesia seeing a family member might really help with her recovery.

( Radio: Doctor James… You are needed in the ER )

Well.. detective I’ll talk to you later…
Okay doctor, thank you.

( Detective Tunde making his way to the reception )

Sir.. what did she say?
Well inspector, doctor James said Mrs Ronke has lost her memories.
So if you believe in anything; I guess this is the time you pray.

Because we really need her statement..

And please ask if senator Tunde has returned back to Nigeria.

Well sir, they might be a problem sir…
And what is the problem inspector Obinna ?

Well sir. Senator Tunde is nowhere to be found.

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