Devil On The Block – Story By Abimbola Amoda (Episode 2)

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( Harmony Estate 9:30am )
Morning sir! Sir you requested to see me sir?
Yes inspector; please follow me. ( Handing him a glove )

Sir! have you seen this before? ( Looking at the dining table )
What is it Inspector? ( Coming close to inspector Obinna )

Is some kind of a Symbol sir ( touching the symbol trying to identify what was used to draw it ) sir it seem like it was written with blood..

( Lagos Maryland 11:30pm )
Tunde! Hope you know that you are playing with fire! Does she still remember you?
Did she know that we where the ones that caused the fire at Didi’s playground that almost killed her? And I even heard that she lost her little sister to the fire Tunde..

Dave come-on we were just kids then. And besides she doesn’t remember because she was drugged remember?
Hmm.. Tunde I don’t know what your plans are; but just count me out of it this time.

Don’t worry Dave I gat this, so can we go now?
( Dave looking at him speechless )
I’ll take that as a yes..

( Harmony Estate 10:00am )
Inspector I need you to find out who’s blood is this and get back to me.
Alright sir. ( Collecting a sample with a cotton swab and handling it over to his assistant)

Detective Williams.. we found something you need to see sir..
( Opening a secret passage way leading to an underground tunnel )

Inspector Obinna.. I guess things just got interesting … ( Pulling out his gun and walking into the tunnel )

Sir! I’ve found a switch!

( Heavens club 12:00am )
Hey guys! Tunde Oladepo is in the building!! ( DJ announcing Tunde’s presences )
Gbemi mumbling. ( How can a business man be this popular or is there something I’m missing )

Hey Gbemi!  Loosen up okay! This is my family; I ownen this place..
Ooh I see.. ( Gbemi looking around )
Shorts?? No thank you.

Come on Gbemi, you are in a club and not in some kind of meeting. Just have fun okay!.
( Handing a short to her ) drink up!

( Western Cape SA 11:00am)
Phone rings..
Hello!.. who is this ?
Hello!.. I’m I speaking to Mr Tunde Oladepo?
Yes! You are. And who are you?

Sir my name is Dr James Mose, I’m calling from Fairview hospital.
Yes sir.. how may I help you?
Well sir your wife Mrs Ronke was rushed to the hospital three days ago with a severe head injury..

What!?! Dr how is she?.. how is she?.. I mean hope she’s okay and our baby is fine?
Well sir is not a matter to discuss on phone.

Ooh okay! Okay.. just send me the address of the hospital please.. I’ll be in Nigeria by tomorrow morning.
Okay Mr Tunde.. I’ll send it right now.

( Phone beeps ) “Fairview Hospital Lekki”.

Honey.. what’s wrong? ( Tunde lost in his thoughts )
Sarah I need to go back to Nigeria..
But why honey; you just came in three days ago! And normally you stay up to a week or more before leaving..

Not this time please.. I really need to go home.. I just got a call that my wife is in the hospital.

Please don’t go.. you know you’ve refused to see me for over four months now..and now.. ( putting her hands around Tunde )

I think you must be daft or something. I mean I just told you that my wife was admitted in an hospital and here you are forcing me to stay. ( Pushing her away )

Fine! Leave Tunde.. as if you love her.. you disgusting slamming piece of shit!
I don’t need you anyway. ( Standing up and walking into the bathroom )

( Harmony Estate 10:35am )
Detective! ( Inspector Obinna pick up a picture from the ground )
Inspector get Dr James on the phone. I have allot of questions to ask Mrs Ronke.


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