Devil On The Block – Story By Abimbola Amoda (Episode 1)

Fairview Hospital 7:25am
It was yesterday and I’ve just finished putting Ade to bed when I heard a noise coming from the back yard.. I rushed out to check if it was those rats again but.. but that’s when I  had a bang on my head..
But where is Ade?.. where is my baby.. I left him.. where is he!!?

Ma’am you have to calm down.. we are trying our best to look for him.. that’s why we want to know what happened that night to help us in our investigation..

What do you mean by you are looking for him?! Where is my baby!!

Ma’am you’ve been unconscious for the pass three days now.. and we are doing our best to look for him..
All you have to do is calm down and tell us if you noticed anything strange about that day..

Mumbling.. I have to find my baby.. I have to find him.. looking around and trying to get out of the bed.. ( heart rate monitor going up.. peeps.. )

Detective! You need to leave right now please..  ( Doctors trying to sedate her )

Phone ringing.. Hello! Detective Williams? Yes.. Detective I think there’s something you need to see..

Lagoes Maryland 2003 9:49am

( Voice from the radio ) Good morning my people.. Is Monday and the morning rush is crazy.. so if you are in the office or stock in traffic here’s a little something to ease the stress..  ( blues )

Phone ringing.. Hello Jack.. Gbemi I’m not sure we can keep the investors waiting any longer .. should I go ahead? Yeah you should Jack.. just send my apologies please.. I’ll try and beat the traffic.. okay..

Let’s see.. where should I follow now… ( Looking at a one way ) Nope! bad ideal Gbemi..nalways follow the rules remember.. mumbling.. oh no.. but I’m late already…

Harmony Estate 8:40
Detective I think we may have found the object that was used on Mrs Ronke.. we found it close to the fence in the backyard.. sir it’s seems whoever did this left through the fence.
hmm.. I’ve you questioned the neighbors about this?

Yes sir.. I have.. but no one saw anyone coming in or leaving apart from Mrs Ronke.. What about her husband?..
Sir according to my information senator Tunde Oladepo is not in the country..
Has he been informed about his wife?..

Sir.. I really don’t know..
Get me Inspector Obinna .. tell him I need him right now..

Lagoes Maryland 11:15
Welcome ma’am.. thank you Sisi.. please where is Jack?
In the bord room ma’am..

Hey! Jack.. sorry I came late.. how did it go?   Well.. it wasn’t that bad I guess..
What. Do you mean it wasn’t that bad??
Well let’s say we got the deal! Gbemi
( Grinning at Gbemi ) we got the deal!..
Oh my God Jack! How did it happened..?

Well don’t know the prayer you made or a good deed you’ve done before but let’s say it worked for us… They just loved the presentation and boom they just signed the documents.. Gbemi.. we are rich!!

Oh my God Jack! We need to celebrate tonight..
Wow slow down miss.. because I’m not too sure about that..

What’s wrong this time?.. can’t your puritanical self let loose just for a day..

Gbemi stop being a bully.. you know is not that at all..

Then what is Jack.. what’s stopping your fun?..

Well let’s say the Managing Director of Alpha request to see the brilliant mind behind the presentation..

And why would he want to see me? ( Giving Jack a strange look )
Well let’s say he was really impressed..

Wait! Is a he?!.. I thought the Managing Director of Alpha is a she?

Well yes it was a she.. but now her son Mr Tunde Oladepo is the one in charge now..
rumors are spreading that he just came back from the US to run their family business.. and he was really really impressed with the your presentation..

Our presentation Jack.. and you are coming with me..
Oh no girl I am not.. I mean I can’t..
And why can’t you Jack..?

Well girl is Monday which means work again tomorrow.. and I am not the owner of this company..and plus someone needs to be on ground in case somebody drinks a little too much..

Come-on Jack being a wine lover doesn’t make one an acholic and you know that..

Well girl you still have to go.. is  just away of appreciation.. because you know that a 50.5m dollar deal is not a small deal..

You are the boss.. lemme go home then..

P.A golf course 9:35am
Phone ringing.. hello! Inspector Obinna..?
yeah that’s me..
Sir Detective Wale is requesting for your present at the Harmony Estate crime scene..
Oh okay tell him that I’m on my way ..

Lagoes Maryland 8:30pm
Sir! There is a lady outside.. she said her name is Gbemi..
Oh yes let her in please..

Ma’am you can come in now..
( Gbemi adjusting her gown )

Aaah Miss Gbemisola Ademola Bamiloye.. please.. ( ushering her to a chair )
Hmm it seems like someone did his homework..
Well I wouldn’t have sign that deal if I didn’t.. ( Grinning at Gbemi )

Well about that.. I really..
( Tunde Interrupts )
Miss Gbemisola Ademola I know you are a serious minded person.. and you love your job.. and I respect that about you..
but you see.. I called you here to celebrate because is a new beginning for the both of us.. so shall we.?

Yeah sure.. ( Gbemi grinning )
So! Something to drink?
Well yeah.. water would be nice.. ( remembering her conversation with Jack )

Come-on Miss Gbemi I called you here to celebrate.. okay don’t worry I gat you.. Robbin!

Yes sir..
Please go into my wine room and bring me a bottle of screaming eagle
Alright sir..

( Gbemi mumbling )
Anything the matter Miss Gbemi?..
Ooh no no no .. just admiring your house.. is really cultural..

Yes Miss Gbemi.. I come from a long line of traditional men..
You see that photo..
( Pointing to an old black and white picture frame of a man in his sexiest receiving an award from a white man)
That’s my great-grandfather Chife Obafemi Odumi Oladepo a collector of ancient artefacts..

He held some of the most priceless artefacts of Africa during those days..

Tunde! Tunde! Where is this douchebag of a friend?..

Hello Dave..
Hey my nigga! ( Exchanging friendly handshakes )
What’s up man.. you were in Nigeria all along and you didn’t even bother to call your best friend!?..
Is it that bad now??

( Dave turning his face to Gbemi )
Ooh now I see why you haven’t called me.. hello.. beautiful..

Hey Idiot ! Ain’t you gonna introduce me?
Sorry.. Gbemi meet my irritating son of a bitch best friend..
And Dave meet Gbemisola Ademola Bamiloye..

( Dave driving back in memory lane )
What..? Is she the .. ( Tunde interrupts )

Ahh excuse me Gbemi.. I’ll be back!
( Dragging Dave with him )

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