Decision – Story By (Hadizat Ahmed)

Decision – Story By (Hadizat Ahmed)

Scene One

Sometimes we experienced a false prognosis, grisly relationship in our life that we don’t preordain for ourselves which can saddle up the progression we wanted to consume. Distraction, Abuse, suicide and wrong decision is completely part of it. This griped event happens to most of us at home, work and campus too. And do you think we can cope with it?
Here is a plump, fair lady standing, moving her fringed eyes lashes downward, turning her face away in a way that seems confusing. ” Good day Sir. You sent for me” Blessing said, with her hands shaking. Perhaps should I call it shivering? She regrets what she just said. He has warned her many times to stop addressing him as sir. He said it looks mysterious when she addresses him in that way, this made her not understand him clearly.
He stared at her for a long time then dropped his eyeglass on the table.
” You know why I like you? ” he asked spinning his chair.
She shook her head. ” No sir. ”
He stood up, went closer to her, slightly moving his fingers across her face.
” Stop it, sir. ” Blessing pushed his hand away and opened the door, still holding the knob when Mr. Michael called.
He pointed his finger at her.” Remember, this trick is about your body or your education. And don’t forget I can decide to wreck your whole life here if you choose to turn down my request.”
This is the absolute time for Blessing to be bold. She turned her face at him. ” Don’t you know I can report you to the school authority or police for sexually abusing me? ”
He made a quick gesture. ” And you think they are going to believe you without a shred of evidence? A liar indeed. ”
She left there angrily.
” I must get this girl ” he muttered, drumming his fingers on the table.

Back to her hostel. Blessing sat on the bed, rethinking what the lecturer said, slowly flipping through the chemistry notebook.
” You dey okay? Jenny, her roommate asked tapping her shoulder.
She jumped to herself surprised and shrugged. ” Na dis lecturer, Michael. ”
” Wetin he do? ” Jenny asked facing her.
” I don’t know what he wants from me. Since I entered the campus everything seems sloppy for me. Especially the first moment he sighted me. That’s when my movement records and my daily activities were under him.
” Well, that’s not a problem,” She said turning her face away from her to avoid shock.
” What do you mean?”
She held out her hands. ” You knew your course is very difficult so why don’t you remain jaunty and accept his offer.” She dragged Blessing’s ear gently. ” Remember what happened to you in the first semester ?” she said letting her hand go from her ear.
” What? ”
” Don’t pretend you don’t know. You failed the first semester and you shouldn’t lose this one, please. Most of us had slept with those lectures to pass our exams. Don’t delay accepting his offer for you to graduate.” Blessing mouth agape with shock, wondering how could she be telling her all these despite her claims to be a pastor’s daughter.
” Aren’t you a pastor’s daughter? ”
She laughed out silently. ” Yes of course. See let me tell you most of us aren’t holy as we claimed. Besides, being a pastor’s daughter means nothing. It’s not a shame moving around with men. We need some money to take care of ourselves. Please do this. ”
” I wan read ” Blessing said lying down on the bed, facing the prostration side and covered her head with a pillow.
” Na you sabi, mtcheww. ” Jenny riposted, titivating her hair in the mirror, picked her bag, and left.
Scene Two
It was a lovable morning as we all wanted. The smell of the cool bright day has finally come. The school garden, the trees, the library’s scent, and its nourishment is some of the things Blessing loved especially how the campus students always drum over it. But everything changed suddenly. No longer the campus that used to make a pleasant sound. Is either one of the students die today or the girl’s cult has beheaded a lecturer. Everything completely goes in an uncontrollable way that no one understood.
” What’s girls cult? ” Blessing asked Joy who was busy talking to another person.
She nudged her to get her attention. ” Joy. ”
” What?” She faced her.
” What’s the meaning of girl’s cult? ”
” Oh. I don’t know but I heard they want to revenge on one particular matter.”
” What matter? ”
” It’s kind of……….” She was interrupted by the sight of the lecturer coming towards the class.
Everywhere remains silent and Blessing quickly removed her earpiece from the ear.
” Hello everyone” Mr. Michael greeted.
“Good morning Sir ” the students chorused.
Blessing heart starts beating immediately. Why did he always choose this department?
” Anyway, I’m gonna teach you guys corona discharge. Have you ever heard about this before? ” he asked writing the topic on the Whiteboard.
Blessing giggled out quietly, hoping no one noticed her.
He turned towards the students. ” Have you ever heard about Corona discharge? ”
This time Blessing burst out in laughter and the rest of the students joined.
” It’s Coronavirus sir ” The students sang still laughing.
Blessing covered her face in a mock way.
He angrily left the class.
” I never knew this man has enter biology, oooh” Joy jokingly said.
Another lecture was popping towards the class and the students have to put on a smooth face.

Blessing was heading towards the hostel when her course-mate was running towards her.
” Do you heard what happened? ” he said panting.
” Girl’s cult has just killed Mr. Emmanuel.”
” You mean the English lecturer? ” Blessing asked looking shocked.
” Yes. ”
” What do those girls want? ”
He changed the topic. ” Anyway The V.C wants to see you. ”
” For what?”
He shrugged. ” Don’t know. You better go because that man is a bad person. ” he left.
She stood still wondering if she does anything wrong that offended him.

Back to the V. C office. He relied upon his seat, peacefully googling through the newspaper.
” Good afternoon sir” she greeted him but no answer.
“Good afternoon sir” she greeted him again.
“What’s this afternoon all about when you have completely turned into a vampire, killing innocence people ” he bawled at her and gave her a frown face.
” I don’t understand sir. ”
“Don’t tell me you are not part of this girl’s cult ?”
“No sir ” She shook her head with surprise.
” Then why do you always disrupt the class?”
” I don’t get it. ”
“You mocked Mr. Michael when he came to teach you guys on a topic related to electricity. You called him Coronavirus. What’s that for?” He kept shouting at her in anger.
“No Sir. I didn’t call him that. He makes a jerk of himself by asking us about corona discharge ” Blessing said, hoping she hasn’t put herself into trouble.
” I think you are a stubborn girl. Department? ”
“Science and technology, sir. ”
” Then what’s corona discharge? ”
Now sweat has begun to freeze over her face.
” I don’t know, sir,” she said with an innocent quick kneel.
“Then prove it to me you aren’t part of those girl’s cult. ”
She knelt begging him .” Sir believe me. I’m not part of them.
” Since you are a science student, you must know the definition of corona discharge. It is the ionization of air surrounding an electrically energized conductor as a result of a strong electric field ” he said, clapping for himself quietly. He continued. ” You see I didn’t study science course but I know a lot of it. More killings, you should know your life is under fire. Is either you are expelled or send to prison. Now leave my office ” he said pointing his finger at the door.
Blessing stood up with tears and left.

Scene Three

It was twelve O clock in the evening, blessing woke up by a faint voice calling her. It was Jenny. What did she want this odd time?
” What? ” she asked sleepily.
” You no dey go Party? ” she said painting her lip with lipstick.
” Please leave me alone. ”
” One Alhaji wants to see me at the party. He said I should come with my friends. So I’m thinking if you could come with me. ”
” No way ” she pushed the pillow towards her head to end the conversation.
” No problem. ” she put on her heels, picked her bag, and made a hiss while leaving.
Blessing has warned her many times to stop this immodest behavior but she insisted. Back in the morning, she will dress well but in the evening everything will change. Is either she is going to see one senator or sugar daddy, bla, bla, bla. It’s kind of nasty.

Days have gone, months have changed. Everyone woke up to a piece of shocking news. The girl’s cult has killed another person again but this time not a male but a female accountant.
Blessing mind swept in with fear and worry. Remembering what the V. C told her. She thought of Jenny, where could she be all these days? Perhaps having fun with men, she thought.
” I must see him,” she said, wearing her shoes, and left.
Back to Mr. Michael. He sat staring at her with a smile.
” Why do you want to destroy my life? ”
” Because you are pretty,” he said still staring at her.
” And what’s the benefit of doing this? ” She shouted at him.
” Don’t you dare raise your voice at me? ”
” What do you want from me to escape from this punishment?” She asked folding her hands together.
“Sex,” he said with an uncomfortable smile.
” Sex? ” She was shocked.
” If you insist. I can make your life more difficult for you.”
” Ok” she nodded and left
” Yeah” he muttered and laughed.

Blessing mind circulated with negative things. How she can murder Mr. Michael was the first thing that came through her head. But how is she going to achieve that? The girl’s cult idea has started fuming on her head and how she can regain freedom too was the major reason she wants to be strong and fight this mission. Since her parents died, everything not seems happy for her to control. The grief, the punishment, and the accusations she went through in her uncle’s house. Though her uncle has been very supportive when it comes to academic matters. He’s a caring person and taking good care of her since her parents died. But his wife is the most wicked person she has ever seen. So rude, full of complaints, and nasty. Maltreated her in her uncle’s absence.
The bad events that happened to her in the past have begun to form dangerous pills in her head.
” I can’t do this. ” She shook her head. ” I must report to the V. C ” She Suggested.

She knocked on the door, patiently waiting for him to wave her to come in.
He glanced at her and coughed which made her uncomfortable.
” Come in and sit down,” he said pointing towards the chair.
She calmly sat down, wishing he won’t talk about the incident that happened earlier this morning. If he does that everything will just erupt.
” Good day, sir ” She greeted him.
” Have you come to apologize over the woman you killed this morning? ”
” I didn’t kill anybody ” tears flew from her eyes.
” Then what are you doing in my office? ”
” I… I ” Her mouth shaking.
” I what? ” he shouted.
” I want to tell you something, sir,” she said sharply.
” What do you want to tell me? ”
” It’s about our Physics lecturer, sir.”
” What happened to him? ”
” He has been disturbing me, sir.”
” Like how?”
” He wants me to sleep with him, sir. ”
He laughed coldly.
” Now I see why you wanted to destroy the whole lectures because you couldn’t get their attention. You must be a lesbian, isn’t it? ”
” No, sir.”
” I’m sorry to inform you that you have been expelled from this school. The school authorities have taken notice of that. Please leave my office and make sure you pack your belongings before Friday.
Blessing ran away with tears. Blaming herself for letting down her first decision to eliminate Mr. Michael’s life.
Scene Four

Jenny’s absence has become worrisome for Blessing. It has been two days since she left the campus without calling her nor text messages. It scared her and one thing she knew about the campus is that once someone disappears, no one will ask about the whereabouts and that’s completely a misery. Tomorrow is the day, she will finally leave the campus. She knew she isn’t going back to her uncle’s place nor is she dreaming to take another step to fulfill her life.
Suicide was one of the options she wants to conceal in her mind since everything had turned in a destructive direction. The worst aspect is that her photo attached everywhere tagged her as a murder. That’s the worst situation she can’t deal with. The V. C that is supposed to be encouraging his students, has turned into a stranger, tormenting her and making the situation worse.
She breathes out deeply covering her face with tears then her phone flashed with a message.
” Who is this? ” she said, googling through the text message sent to her.
” Meet me in my office and accept my offer for you to stay on campus. Make your decision now, sweetie ” She read it out and hissed, dropped the phone on the bed. But how did he get her contact was the thing she is still wondering about. Perhaps through Jenny, she thought. She doesn’t trust that girl. She can do anything wrongful.

It was a radiant day. Blessing has arranged her belongings including her books. Though is a kind of stressful idea, it’s a good option she should do it this way. She looked at the time, it was 8 am. That gives her enough confidence that there is still much time for her to pack the remaining items. The door swung opened, It was Vanessa her coursemate. She was panting like someone been chased.
” What’s wrong with you? ” She asked impatiently.
” Jenny is death ” Vanessa announced.
” How… When? ” Blessing was too shocked to speak.
” Her body was found outside the campus gate. ”
” But how? ” she was still shocked.
” I don’t know. ” She continued. ” And Mr. Michael fainted in his office this morning and he has been rushed to the hospital. ” Everyone thought it was you that caused this problem. The campus now is on fire. They are searching for you. Run,” she said.
Another student came running. ” The V. C want to see you. ” She said to Blessing.
“Why me God ? ” she said crying.

The V. C stared at Blessing for a long time and finally said ” I’m sorry to inform that……… He pauses, this made her confused.
He added. ” All you have been saying is true,” he said grinning.
Blessing thought this is a trick of getting her into another trouble.
” Mr. Michael Is HIV positive, it was confirmed earlier this morning after he fainted in his office and being rushed to the hospital. God knows how many of the students he has infected. ” He dropped his eyeglass on the table ” I’m sorry for the accusations, shame, and names I have caused you. I should have listened to you earlier. But everything is a lesson. ”
She doesn’t know what to say. Is this a dream? The pains, the bad plans have suddenly disappeared from her head. This is the time for her to shout in excitement.
” I don’t know what to say. Astonish” she said with relief.
” You have shown a good example for other students to evolve from.” ” You made the right decision” he nodded.
” Thank you, sir ” she was about to leave when he called.
” You aren’t going away like that without a surprise. No more expel. I have granted you a full scholarship to complete your studies here. No more payment and no more worry. I’m going to take care of everything ” he said handing the scholarship letter to her.
Blessing doesn’t know what to say. She was completely surprised and tears ran down from her eyes.
She knelt” Thank you, sir. God bless you. ”
” Is ok. Get up.”
She was really happy and at the same time sad about Jenny’s death.
Scene Five.
The campus that used to slump in riot, destruction, and disrespect has now boosted in peace, freedom of movement, and lectures have put an integrity tip for themselves over what happened to Mr. Michael. Soon the students now found Blessing is innocent over the accusations laid on her. The girl’s cult was later arrested by the police put to secure the campus. The cult leader confessed to the crime they committed. She said they do that because male and female lecturers were sexually abusing them and for selfish interest too to obtain money from them. They were sentenced to two years imprisonment. If they had made the right decision they would end up like Blessing but they chose the wrong path.
Mr. Michael was later sacked and Blessing finally regained her freedom.


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