Content Monetizing Program On DYCBLOGS- Full Info


DYCBLOGS (Content Monetizing)

DYC-BLOGS introduces a new and exiting means for content and creators (Music, Videos, Writers) to earn from their craft and hardwork.
Whats this means is when you have your content on the site you get paid per view, continue reading for more information.

The Internet is Full of unending rich contents and so many content creators (Artists, Actors, Comedians, Writers and film makers e.t.c),
but not enough credit are given to the content providers, unless they go through a long process of monetizing with platforms like Youtube,
Apple Music, Spotify e.t.c,

DYC-BLOGS gives a simple and easy platform to get money from your content with these easy steps below.

How To Earn from your Content on DYCBLOGS

  1. Get Your Content On DYCBLOGS.COM
    (Contact us on WhatsApp or Instagram for More Information on how to Get Your Contents on the Site)

  2. Get As Much Views/Visitors to Visit and Engage on Your Posts (Share and Promote The Page/Link of your content on DYCBLOGS)

  3. Get Up to (300)views Before requesting for cash out. Note:This Rule will be updated From Time To Time

  4. Must Get at least 10% Engagement (Reaction and Comments) On Your Page/Post Note: This Rule will be updated From Time To Time

That’s All🥰

Note: You Will Only Get Paid if You are having the Details and Ownership right of The Content During Submission.


Terms And Conditions

  1. Contents Classified on Hateful, Racism or Demoralizing to the General Society are restricted

  2. No Explicit, Sexual or Porn Related Contents.

  3. Content Providers must have fully ownership right to their contents.

  4. In Order To Be Made an Author On The Site With Your Own Login Details and Profile, you must be a Level 3 Content Provider.

  5. Contents Must not Fall under these:  Violate any human right policies, Visual sensitive, Parental Guided.

  6.  You must be a level 2 Content Provider to post Contents that are Form of an Advertisement for another brand or platform

  7. If Your Content is not displaying ads pls contact us ASAP, as we monetize your contents by the ads displayed on your contents

  8. If for 24 hours you contents are not yet showing ads, it will be deleted from the Platform

  9. Before content providers request to cash out from their contents. The content must at least be 3 weeks old

  10. Content Providers aims and contents must be in order to: Entertain, Educate and Provide Valid Information to the Public.

Pls Note Contents any Form of Personal(Carrier/Brand) Promotions like “Music” will include particular charges Required for publishing.

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Chat With DYC For Further Questions

DYC Plex

The Main Publishing Account Of DYC Plex, handled majorly by the CEO: Randy Iwerebor Solomon.

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