Biography: Josh Alfred (Josh2Funny) || DYC Recognition Of The Month


Josh2Funny whose real name is Josh Alfred, is a Nigerian comedian and Instagram personality born on December 18, 1990.

Josh2Funny was born and raised in Anambra State before he came down to Lagos at the age of seven.

He also grew up in Mushin area of Lagos State where he met with other like minds.

He studied Computer Science at the Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba. He also attended a school of performance arts, Qban Centre in Ikoyi, Lagos.



Josh2funny started his career while in secondary school while being encouraged by friends and family.

Although, he is not someone that really likes education as he does like being restricted to a particular place, but his Dad made sure he studied something in line with his passion.

And today, Josh is known for his comedy skits online which he uses to put smile on peoples faces.

With inspiration from his mentors, Koffi and Basketmouth, he has been able to develop his passion.

He is well known with his comic style of putting on female wears and singing songs upside down.

He was also guest star on the Africa Magic series “My Flatmates” which starred other star comedian such as Basketmouth, Buchi and so on.

He also partner with comedian, Bello Kreb who is known with his facial expression style of comedy.

Aside comedy, he is also a singer and has a studio where he produces his songs and videos.



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