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   So today we’re going to be talking about a rather funny but serious issue that has shaken both the online and offline community for a couple of days now, “well it’s has just been for 2-3 days as at the time of this post”. Anyway
   So on the second of June 2021 {02/06/2021}, Adeleye Jokotoye a Tax Consultant, submitted a proposal at the Southwest Zonal Public Hearing for the name of the Country NIGERIA, to be changed to UAR. His reason being that we have been living under the influence of our colonial masters since we didn’t get to chose the name of our country by ourselves but they did.  He believes that changing the name of the country will sort of give us our “independence in full” .
  Now it should be noted that the country NIGERIA named by Mrs Flora Shaw, the wife of Lord Frederick Lugard after the almagamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates.
It should also be noted that changing the name of the country is still a proposal that was submitted at the SouthWest Zonal Public hearing in Lagos and not Decree that has been passed.
       The acronym UAR means either United African Republic or United Alkebulan Republic.
Hold up, let’s look at the second/alternarive meaning. What is the meaning of ALKEBULAN?
      Alkebulan, it turns out, it’s the oldest name for Africa. In Arabic it means “The land of the blacks”. But in ancient Africa, it meansv”Mother of Mankind” . So you have UNITED MOTHER OF MANKIND REPUBLIC.
     *But why did he choose the name though?
Well, following the meaning of the name Alkebulan above, Hon. Adeleye suggested that since Nigeria is made up of various ethnic groups thus, Mother of Makind would be best suitable for the country, uniting all ethnic groups together.
Now there you have it. What are your thoughts about this as a Nigerian, oops, sorry Uranium 😂
*Do you support it?
*Do you disagree?
*How should you be identified/addressed as a citizen of UAR?
*Do believe the name Nigeria is still making us live under our colonial masters?
Share your views on this dear Uranium 😂… Thanks for reading 🤗
Written by:Ojogri Akpevwe Avemaria
       Ig @black_pen_magic

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