5 Ways to detect Fake Ankara from the Original


Having discussed about the History of Ankara ,

We have to discuss about the ways to detect the original texture of Fabric from the fake.


1:Dipping; The best way to detect any fake Ankara materials from the fake is dipping it into water and Squeeze. If for instance the dye comes off, then it’s a Fake. Real materials don’t wash off.

2:Coarseness; The Authentic Ankara materials or prints is very smooth. If otherwise it is coarse while feeling the texture, then it is likely Fake.

3: Quality: An authentic Ankara materials are made from 100% cotton fabric, while fancy Ankara materials are made from polyester. So if the quality texture doesn’t look the same then it is Fake.

4: Patterns; An authentic Ankara materials has patterns clearly on both side of the materials or on the tip of the materials. While fancy Ankara has patterns only on one side of the material.

5: Colours: Authentic Ankara materials usually have deeper colours unlike the fancy Ankara materials. Lack of divergence in colour intensity helps with the detection of  front (right) and the back ( wrong) side of a fabric.

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