5 Useful Tips To Identify Fake Jewelry From Original


Today the jewelry market is made up of both fake and Original.

These are useful tips on how to identify fake Jewelry below;


Gold can be checked the help of iodine if it’s fake or original. If there’s a stain left on the item after the test, it is true sign that the jewelry is fake or an alloy. A drop of iodine applied to platinum items will stay dark ; the more saturated it’s color, the more higher the hallmark of the item is.


Fake gold or jewelry darken in Vinegar very quickly.Thats why in order to check the genuineness of the jewelry,you’ll have to pour a little Vinegar into a glass and keep the item in it for about 5 minutes and see the results.


Dealing with most metals, ammonia causes the surface to blacken real quick. It doesn’t happen when it comes in contact with Platinum.


A real metal or jewelry doesn’t magnet .Its advisable that wen shipping for a jewelry, take a magnet along  to the jewelry store so as to know the fake from the original.


platinum and silver looks very similar and that’s why it’s so easy to replace the expensive ones with cheap ones. Gold leaves golden traces on unburned for example; you decide to check jewelry item using this method make it on some unnoticeable place like a buckle.

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