5 Spicy Ways To please a Lady in Bed

Most relationships are not spicy, most men don’t know how to please their women in Bed.

Here are some spicy ways to please a women in bed:


Unlike men who are very visual, women are very sensitive. This portrays that sexual arousal starts in the mind first before the body gets there. It’s all about teasing her, even text her to show how to plan to please her in bed later. Smooch her, suck on her necks, Tease her often by being all over her.


To Women, simply And little things matters a lot. Set the mood , play a sex playlist softly in the playground as you flirt together. Furthermore,light some candles around the house, it’s very necessary to maintain a sexy vibe all through. Make her feel appreciated.


Dont fumble around during sex . If you really want to please her in bed ,just ask her and be open to learning and correction. At least she knows what she doesn’t like during sex. You can also take note of her body languages during foreplay and take note of the areas to focus more on her pleasure.

Spice up your sex life by trying out different things to please her in bed. These can be fulfilling her fantasies, you can also use homemade blindfolds, ice cubes, edible paint. As long as you both of you are okay with it .SPICE IT UP!!!


Take your time to explore all the things that make her tick sexually and you’ll be set. The one thing you need to do please her in bed is to remember that everyone is different. In addition, try as much as possible to please each other.


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