3 countries to relocate easily

3 countries to relocate to:
Firstly, Y’all would agree with me that relocating to another country isn’t really easy, in the sense that, you’d Have to pass through so many processes, test and Immigration queue.
And most countries seem to be difficult while processing your vitals,
But here are three countries you’d be able to relocate to, with very little expenses, apart from your proof of funds (POF) , till you’re fully up on your feet.
they are

  1. Canada
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Switzerland

So let’s talk about the first one, Canada.
Relocating to Canada isn’t so difficult, either through schooling, work or permanent residence.

English or French are languages that are majorly accepted, so that’s a good to go already. If you’re going through schooling, they’re some schools in Canada that easily accepts immigrants
i. University of Toronto

ii. University of Alberta.. etc, and they are cheaper schools for you, if you do your research.
You’ll need a Passport for sure, Visa(work permit or others), Bank balance (PROOF OF FUNDS) etc
you’ll need to save at least 70% on moving. and many others I’ll talk about on another link.
If you’re going for permanent residence, preferabble places to live are Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Levis, etc and they are affordable too.
Minimum wage $15 per hour. And as a student, you can work and study at the same time.

Second Country, United Kingdom.

Its almost the same process at Canada’s.
But for most especially students, You’ll be able to apply for Oxford or Cambridge. They’re many others, but these are the top
If you’re going for permanent residence, then places to live are Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Reading,etc.

You can live and work there also.
Minimum wage is £9.50 per hour.

The Third and last on my list is Switzerland.

Switzerland, a country in Europe has four Official languages, which are German, French,Italian and Romansh. Including English. It is quite expensive to live here but its affordable.

Affordable places to live in Switzerland are Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, etc
Minimum wage is USD 15,457 yearly.

Any body from Around the world can relocate to any of these countries. As long as you pass 70% of the test required and have enough POF, then you’re good to go.
Stay tuned for more updates concerning relocation

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