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Casey Dency 

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Episode 11

Relax and Enjoy

Do you know want to talk about anything?.

No mummy , there is nothing to talk about. Everything is fine , nothing has changed. He doesn't deserve me. But mummy , i want to rest now. Let's talk more tomorrow.

It was difficult for Clara to sleep that night. Hate and anger eroded her sleep and rest of mind. She turned and turned but sleep never came. She kept recalling each and every word that came out from Andy's mouth.

Sitting up she took the photo album of her parents , brought out her supposed mother's picture and said; mummy tell me what to do. Tell me how to reclaim my property and make him pay for what he did. Covering her forehead in her hand she continued , mummy , my mummy here tried to teach me but i refused to learn. Now I'm lost because i was foolish and naive. How do i make up and become a better person?.

Just about then she lay on her bed and slept off. In her dreams her mummy came and said to her , why ask questions when the answers you seek lies within you. Try keeping calm and one by one you will get in touch with all the answers you seek. You are not foolish neither are you a weakling. You can become all you want to be and even more. The only connection that your past have with your present is that it's your motivating tool to your future and remember my child , things don't just happen. This is your big chance to make something big happen. With these words of hers Clara woke up from her sleep.

It was already morning. Her eyes were heavy because she hasn't gotten enough sleep. She felt very tired but didn't want to be lazy anymore.

   "standing up from her bed and going outside of her room , she discovers mummy was already awake and in the kitchen cooking. Going up to her she hugged her from behind and greeted , "good morning mummy , how was your night? Mine was pretty good. Mine wasn't. Mummy replied pulling her gently to her side. I was worried about you. I feel scared. This is unlike you. What's behind your actions. Why didn't you break down?.

Forcing a smile on her face , Clara asked , what are you cooking? How can i be of help to you?.

Looking at her , curious to what is going on in Clara's mind , mummy said , baby , tell me the truth. What are you thinking?. "A lot mummy" Clara answered. Let's talk about it after eating.
OK then , mummy answered. I'm preparing yam portage. Wow! Mummy , Clara called. I want to learn how to cook and become a responsible woman. I'm sorry I've been a headache to you.

Don't ever say that child. You aren't a headache to me. You are my beautiful lady.

    I know that mummy but....

But nothing. Mummy interrupted.  Okay but i will still learn how to cook Clara said.

Minutes later , the food was cooked and they ate. After eating , mummy called Clara to her room and said to her , child , I'm scared. I'm very scared that in future you will do something stupid. I really want you to let out all you are feeling now and start a new life. Cry all you want. I will be here beside you.

"Yes mummy , i will start a new and beautiful life but i will still keep intact my history with Andy.

       Looking deep into Clara's eyes , mummy asked; what do you have in mind?

To tell you the truth , I'm confused. Very confused. Yesterday i saw my other mummy in my dream. She had told me that everything i wish for is right within me , but you know , breathing in deeply , i need vengeance. Andy will pay for all his deceit and i will get all of my inheritance from him. Not until then i won't she'd a tear for him and i won't break down. It's my promise to you.

How do you plan on going about it? Mummy asked in curiosity.

If only i had...

Find out what happened next on Sunday. I hope you enjoyed it.

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