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Casey Dency

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Episode 9

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While Clara had not woken up. After several knock on Clara's door , she woke up and went to open the door and on seeing Andy she burst into tears again and hugged him so tight that it was difficult to let go. Pulling her out of his body , Andy asked;  what is it my love?.

It's mummy she is so upset with me. She said she is going back to delta tomorrow.

Come here... Leading her to her bed. Sit let me get you a cup of cold water. No Clara said. That drink in your hands i want it. Pour some for me to drink please. Getting a glass and pouring some of the drink he smiled and said to himself; this is a perfect mood to getting her sign the document transferring all the property in her name to me.

Finishing the drink , Clara adjusted her sitting position , crossed her legs and said pour me more drink. After her glass was refilled by Andy she laughed loudly and shouted; if you know you are sorrowing come and join me let's drink together. Wine is capable of washing your sorrows away. Do you know? I never new the purpose of wine until date. It's meant  for sorrowful people. Yes , people just like me whose mother just abandoned to my fate. With these words of hers she poured the drink in her mouth , threw the glass away and fell on her bed. Seeing Clara was already getting drunk , Andy made her drink some more and said to her , can i ask a favor from you?. Anything my love Clara said smiling.

Here , sign these documents while handing over the documents to her and helping her sit on the bed. After signing the documents she fell asleep in Andy's arm.

Andy slowly pull her out of his arm and laid her on the bed then he said;  well done my lover , you have fulfilled my wish. Now those caresses  , kisses , and the memories we made together I'm going to leave them with you. I hope a day comes when you understand the reason i had to steal from you and when that day comes , do fined a place in your heart to forgive me. It's such a pity that you only lasted three months in your own father's house. I swear if there was something i could do to help you i will but , I'm not leaving this plenty wealth for you to enjoy. Starting from tomorrow , your life and mine will take a new turn.

Going to his room he called Emily. Baby you won't believe what i just did. What is it?Emily asked in anxiety. I just got Clara to sign the documents. Right now , you are speaking with a multi billionaire. Oh my God!!! I knew you would do it. I always believed in you but then how do you get get her and the old lady out of the house?. Don't worry about that hun. I'm going to shock them to death with the news. Both laughs.

As early as 7 a.m in the morning , mummy was already set to go back to delta state.

After much arguments within herself , she decided to inform Clara before leaving. On getting to Clara's room , she met her still sleeping like a baby. She saw the broken glass and the remaining wine. She shook her head in agony them gently , she woke her up.

Good morning mummy Clara greeted on seeing her mother.

Ignoring the greeting , mummy said;  I'm already set to leave. Take proper care of yourself and eat well. I do hope you will be happy with your decision.

Holding her mummy's hand , she cried. Please don't leave me and go I'm begging you. Fined a place in your heart to forgive your Clara. Standing up , she rushes to her mummy's front and holds up her ears then said; from today onwards i will listen to whatever you say. Don't just go away from here.

Andy who has been listening from behind the door claps his hands says in mockery. Wow , what a pitiful scenario. But don't worry little one because your mummy is going nowhere without you.

Turning to Andy she said; please do not mock me. You should plead with mummy on my behalf. Hearing this , Andy bursted into laughter and pleaded in mockery saying , oh mummy , sweet mummy please do not leave her and go. Stay with her. Breathing heavily already he continued; but not in this house because this house now belongs to me , my...

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