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Casey Dency 

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Episode 8

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I won't say nothing

After a long waiting , Clara stepped out of her room looking stunning in her blue gown and black shoes. Her well curled short hair made her looks perfect. She wasn't wearing any makeup. Well , she had never worn makeups. She doesn't fancy it because she feels her natural beauty is enough and it's truly enough. Even without makeup Clara was still looking like a pure African goddess. For a moment Andy's heart skipped on seeing her then he thought to himself; if only i had met her first i would have fallen in love with her.

On getting to the office , it seemed time stopped and the wind became stronger on the arrival of Clara. What beauty! people marvelled. She is the goddess of beauty someone said , another replied; I've never seen such beauty. Where is she from he asked. Well i heard the daughter of the owner of the company is coming today maybe she is the one another said.

Addressing the board members , mummy introduced Clara as the sole owner of the company. She told the board members that for the main time Clara will take her position in the company. Every decision to be made in the company must first be directed to her for approval. Well that will be until she graduate and become the CEO.

Can i say something Clara whispers into her mummy's ear. Yes dear go on mummy gave her , her permission.

Good afternoon everyone Clara began to speak. Well just like you all , i also recently discovered i own a company that is as big as this one. My mummy has given me all her authority in this company and i want to hand them over to my fiance and that includes the position of the CEO.

I would have loved my mummy to continue holding on to her position but i think she has worked so hard these past few years so i think it's about time she takes a very long break.

Andy's heart leaped for joy with this announcement. Finally God has done it for him. This is a good time to harsh his plans. Mummy on the other hand was furious. All she was waiting for was for them to leave the conference room so she can unleash her anger on Clara.

While walking on the hallway , Andy excused himself from them saying to Clara , this calls for a celebration and i need to go and make the preparations. You and mama should go home and wait for the surprise package. Okay dear and make sure it's a big surprise Clara said smiling.

Immediately Andy left , Clara turned to mummy and said , he wants to surprise us. Don't you see? He is so sweet.

Shut up! Shout up i said. What nonsense did you do back in the conference room? You handed over your birthright to a stranger.

Mummy he is no stranger. He is the man i want to marry.

I said you should shut up mummy shouted while getting into the car. Today , Clara , you made me realize i haven't been raising a human for the past 16years. You have practically put the whole family to shame. I feel ashamed to be called your mother.

Mummy please don't say that Clara said to her in tears.

Shut up. Today I'm going to talk and you are going to quietly listen to every word i say and do not call me your mummy. I no longer know you.

Clara wept bitterly until they got home but mummy hardened her heart to Clara's tears. She just witnessed Clara give away everything her brother laboured for. Something she never thought was going to happen someday. Her worst nightmare just happened. It's all her fault. She had been a bad mum and had failed in the up bringing of Clara she thought.

On getting inside the house , she informed Clara that she would be leaving for Asaba the next morning.

Clara wept the more. It's not enough that mummy was angry with her , she also wants to leave her and go away. She cried and cried until she fell asleep.

Andy and Emily had been celebrating since Andy's arrival. What they have been looking for since the past one year and some months they have finally gotten it and adding to Emily's joy her sweet heart was going to be with her sooner than expected and she won't have to spend those cold nights alone.

On getting to Clara's house , everywhere was so quiet. Mummy has locked herself inside the room since they returned and she hasn't stopped crying while Clara had...

Find out what happened next. I hope you enjoyed it.

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