Online Book: Behind You - Episode 7 || By Casey Dency

Casey Dency 

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Episode 7

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You know what? Do me a favor and lock the door behind you. Your sweet heart must be waiting for you at home she said in sarcasm.


Don't baby me Emily shouted at him. Just get the hell out of this house. I hate you. I hate you so much.

Looking at Emily with sadness , Andy stood up and left feeling sad and disappointed in himself while Emily sat on the couch crying her eyes out.

While in the cab , Andy though of how he was going to make it up to Emily. He had already stayed away from home for so long and Emily had all the right in the world to be angry with him.

Emily wasn't as beautiful as Clara but he loves her so much that he makes sure to never get her upset. He always tries his best to make Emily the happiest woman on earth and right now Emily is very angry with him. Something he can't stand.

I must think of how to actualize our plans real soon. I need to make it up to Emily he thought.

On getting home , Clara hugged him tightly and kissed him deeply. Pulling her mouth from his , she said to him. Cutie you have to promise me you won't disappear like this again. I cried a lot when i discovered you weren't at home.

Crossing his hands around her waist , Andy said to her;"beauty i promise i won't disappear again. You should know i love you so much and i won't do anything to hurt you. We will be together until death. Our relationship is a , for better for worse". Smiling at her he asked, I hope you know you are my angel? Yes hun. I know Clara answered. Okay then. Don't cry again. Even if i leave i will always return to you because i won't leave with another woman...Right now I'm very tired. I need to go have my bath and rest. And... I'm already full. Won't be joining you and mama for dinner.

Okay then. Go ahead Clara said with a charming smile on her face.

While eating dinner mummy asked Clara if she was truly happy and she said yes. Look mummy , all i want is for you to bless us. Pausing for a while she asked. Can you do that?

Okay but until he is ready to tie the knot mummy told her. Now finish up your food and get ready , tomorrow we will be going to the company together. I already asked Anita to set up a board meeting by 1p.m. After the meeting , we will go to the bank to purchase a jamb form so you can further your education.

No mummy , i don't want to further. I won't go to school anymore because I'm already an adult Clara said.

You have no choice.

Mummy , your wish can't always be my command. Please understand that. I love you so much but right now i need to go check on Andy. Make sure to finish your food. You need it to keep you young and healthy.

Standing up , Clara went to meet Andy in his room , baby she called out I have got good news.

What is it Andy asked

Well , tomorrow mummy is taking us to the company. She wants to handover her authority to me but she wants me to further my education so i can handle the company. What she doesn't know is that I've got everything planned out.

What is it Andy asked in curiosity

Well , rolling her eyes. You should wait for tomorrow. And  , don't try to force me , my mouth is zipped. I...

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