Online Book: Behind You - Episode 6 || By Casey Dency

Casey Dency 

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Episode 6

Relax and Enjoy

This life and the people in it aren't what they seem. In fact they are directly  the opposite of what they look like.

If i can remember vividly , sister Ada got married at the age of 24 and right now , I'm 24. Can't you understand i know what is good and bad? I'm old enough to choose the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. Lowering the tune of her voice Clara continued. Mummy i know I'm your baby but just this once , let me make this decision on my own i beg of you. Bending down , Clara gave mummy a kiss and said:"I need to take my leave. I want to go talk to Andy i bet he must be very upset. You should rest a bit. Locks the door behind her as she leaves mummy's room.

Getting to Andy's room she discovers Andy wasn't around. Oh my God!!! She exclaimed. He must have left because he is angry. Rushing to the dinning were she left her phone , Clara pick the phone and called Andy several times but he wasn't answering any of his calls. Shouting in top of her voice she said. "I'm finished!!! while bursting into tears and falling on the ground.

Hearing Clara's voice , mummy's heart skips and she immediately jumps out of the bed and rushes to Clara. Holding her from behind she asks , what happened child?.

Instead of answering her mummy Clara cried louder and more pitifully.

Mummy being confused , tried her best to help her to her feet and led her to the couch were she made her sit. She brought a glass of water and begged her to take a sip. When she was a bit calm , mummy asked again. Child , what happened?.

Mummy it's Andy. I presume he got angry and left. He is not even answering his phone calls. Mummy life is hell without Andy as my partner.

Taking Clara's head mummy placed it on top of her soft breast and said softly. "don't worry child. Andy only went to get some fresh air while caressing her hair.

This act of her always put Clara to sleep even in desperate situations . It has been mummy's trick of calming her down since her childhood and soon enough Clara was already asleep. Gently removing her head from her breast , mummy laid Clara properly on the couch.

On reaching her room , mummy picked up her phone and called Ada. Hello child.

Hearing mummy's voice Ada responded. Mummy what's happening? I don't like the sound of your voice. Hope all is well?.

"No child" mummy answered. It's your sister. She has decided to remain foolish and not grow up. She became taller , more beautiful , more intelligent but just academically. She isn't intelligent in other aspect of life. At the age of 24 , she still behaves like the 5-year-old Clara i used to know.

Mummy calm down and what really happened because the mummy i know never saw anything wrong in Clara's behavior. So what did she do that got you so upset Ada asked?.

I told you i no longer trust that boy Andy. I tried to warn your sister but she didn't listen so this afternoon , i asked a few questions to Andy he was unable to answer. Then , suddenly he left the house and Clara started shouting , crying and misbehaving. Well i managed to make her fall asleep.

okay mum , don't worry , she will forget everything before she wakes up and the Andy i know will return to Clara. Just do me a favor , don't meddle anymore in Clara's and Andy's relationship. Regardless of Clara's behavior , you must sometimes let her make her decisions alone , especially decisions like this.

Ending the call mummy asked;where is that Andy self?.

Andy just arrived Emily's apartment. Making him sit properly on the couch , she asked. Baby what took you so long?.

The traffic on the way was much. I'm sorry.

Looking at Andy , Emily asked again , what is it that you were saying on the phone?.

I think the old lady suspects. She suspects I'm only after Clara's wealth. She asked me some questions today that i was unable to answer. I think that will increase her suspicions.

Andy do you realize you are a weakling? You are really dumb. For Christ's sake , you have been away from home for too long and up till date , you are no where near getting the money. I just hope you don't end up being a failure because i will disown you and i will make our child do same.

Andy said "but.....

But nothing Emily retorted. You know what? Do...

Find out what happened next on Sunday. I hope you enjoyed it.

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