Online Book: Behind You - Episode 5 || By Casey Dency

Casey Dency 

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Episode 5

And opening the first page , what she she saw was unbelievable. A striking resemblance of her. How could this be she asked herself. Pausing for a while ,  further said. This must be my mother and i presume I'm her look alike.

Oh God , she laid on her bed and slept off. While she was still sleeping , she perceived the scent  of dodo(fried plantain)  it seemed like a dream and at the same time seemed like reality. Opening her eyes , she stood up , wore her slippers and went straight to the kitchen and luckily for her , her mummy and Andy were both in the kitchen. Andy was helping to fry the ripe plantain while mummy was preparing the sauce.

Wow! I knew that i perceived something. Moving closer to were the dodo is picked up two(2) and put in her mouth.

Mummy calling out to her said. Clara go and arrange the dinning then come back and wash all the used plates.

Okay mummy. I will do just that. As she smiles and moving straight to the dinning arranged it then came back to the kitchen and washed all the used plates as instructed.

Moments later , they were already in the dinning eating. Suddenly mummy paused and cleared her throat. This attracted the attention of Clara and Andy. Mummy looking straight at Andy asked. Son , you have become so quiet. Aren't you comfortable staying with us?

Oh , no. Far from it ma. I'm very comfortable staying with you people. In fact i like it here and i didn't notice I've become so quiet.

Hmm , mummy breathes in and ask again. Are you sure you are comfortable helping me out with all the house chores?. I mean , my Clara is very lazy and all of a sudden , you have stopped pressurizing her to be up and doing.

Ehm Ehm Andy stammered and looking at Andy , Clara said , "mummy enough with your questions. Just let us eat in peace please.

Okay then. One more question mummy said. Turning to Andy again she asked. How are you planning on helping Clara in the company and when are you planning on leaving the company to establish yourself because it's not quite right for a man to totally depend on his woman's inheritance for survival.

Standing up furiously and hitting the table Clara shouted. Mummy enough!!! Stop this. (walks away).

Andy making good use of the scenario Clara created said. "if you please excuse me ma" and leaves to his room. Getting to his room he started thinking "This woman is up to something. What ever I've got to do , i need to do quick  else... Taking the black jacket on his bed wore it and secretly leaves the house.

Getting into her room , mummy met Clara pacing round. Knowing fully she wanted to say something asks. Child , what is bothering you?

You mummy Clara answered. For God's sake why have you chosen to act like the wicked step mother or should i say a selfish mother. Shut up Clara!!! Mummy shouted. Bringing her voice low said. Child i hope that day doesn't come when you would wish you had listened to me. This life and....

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