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Episode 10

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Because this house and everything in it now belongs to me , my wife and my children.

Andy what are you saying Clara asked in a state of confusion.

Smiling , Andy walks to the chair opposite Clara's bed , sat down majestically and crossed his legs. Moving closer to Andy , Clara said in a high tune; I asked a question. What did you just say? repeating the question.

Well , you heard me right. This house , the company and your father's other properties now belongs to me and my family. You remember the documents you signed yesterday?  He asked... Well it stated that you handed over not just the company but everything other properties in your name to me.

How could you? I thought our love was supposed to be forever.

It's such a pity because i don't see how possible it is for a married man with two beautiful kids to fall in love with another woman  especially a woman who doesn't know how to do anything except fooling around being mummy's pet.

Before Clara could say anything , mummy shouted at him. Shut up you gold digger. I won't stand here and watch you say nonsense about my child again. You ungrateful soul. Turning to Clara who was already holding the albums that contains her parents photo she said , if only you had listened to me. Come on , pack  some of your clothes let's go from here.

No mummy , I'm not taking any single thing from this house , looking at Andy , she continued , his wife might be in need of the clothes.

Don't be deceived , my wife has got alot more than you have got. She isn't an irresponsible woman who has got just irresistible beauty and educational intelligence. Oh!!!  If only you had agreed to further your education there would have been some hope for you he said shaking his head. Pausing for a while and continuing he said; go get yourself a life beauty queen.

Hearing this words from someone she has devoted her life to loving , was a big blow on her. She has never been betrayed like this since her 24years on earth but weird enough , she wasn't hurt. She was filled with hate , anger and taste for revenge. This was unlike Clara who would cry or shout over an issue then let's go. Her anger and rage withheld her tears. This could be very dangerous Andy feared. Looking at Andy with so much despair , gives him a very hot slap with her two hands on both sides of his face and spits on him.

It's okay , let's start going mummy said , holding Clara's hand. Both looks at Andy as they shut the door behind them.

While leaving the compound , Clara remembered the very day she stepped her legs into the compound. How she was told her father was the owner of the house and that it now belongs to her. She remembered all the warning mummy gave to her but still no single tear drop came from her eyes. Her eyes were red hot and the wind was really strong that even mummy got scared.. Clara's reaction to the situation and the wind was something mummy wasn't comfortable with.

Getting to the garage , they boarded a bus back to delta state. They both were silent until they got home.

The journey wasn't very smooth as it was when they were going to Portharcout. The bus driver missed the route and had to go back to the right road after so much questions and directions from those who were familiar with the route. According to the driver , when asked by some passengers , he was new and isn't familiar with the route that much. Upon the revise , the  fuel got finished. The driver pleaded with the passengers then went to look for somewhere to buy fuel and at about 30minutes later , the car got spoilt and the driver had to again look for a nearby motor mechanic. It was about an hour and some minutes before they could continue their journey.

On getting home , both Clara and mummy took a hot shower thereafter mummy prepared dinner but Clara refused eating that evening. She had been inside her room since they arrived home.

Mummy had gone to meet her in the room , sitting close to her she asked; "Do you...

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