Online Book: Behind You - Episode 4 || By Casey Dency

Casey Dency 

Episode 4

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Wiping the tears off her eyes , Clara said. I shouldn't have gotten angry with you. What happened was nobody's fault. I was naive , my other parents were caring and you guys were just being protective. Giving her a little smile she asked. Mummy can you spend the night with me?.

Soon enough it was another brand new day and everyone  has gone back to their respective homes except for mummy and Andy who Clara asked to stay back. She could not afford to stay far from mummy and for Andy , Clara wanted them to run her daddy's company together.

Without knocking on the door , mummy barged into Clara's room and met her sitting on Andy's leg , kissing and caressing him passionately.

I'm sorry for not knocking mummy apologized. Not an issue. Mummy is there something you want me to do for you , Clara asked.

Can i have a word with you?

Yes mummy , giving Andy a quick kiss , she asked for them to be excused.

Immediately Andy shut the door behind him , Clara said. Mummy you stare at me as i have done something wrong. Yes i know you met us kissing but that's it. Mummy nothing else happened. Moreover I'm an adult and Andy is my man.

Sitting down close to Clara mummy said , no child , you are getting it or wrong. I came here for a different reason.

Then what is it mummy?.

You asking Andy to stay and run your daddy's company with you i don't like it. You don't even know anything about companies , you don't know how life works and you want a lover to help you out. Don't you think it's risky? Do you trust him that much?.

Yes mummy , Clara answered. You should know that i even trust him more than i trust my myself. Andy can never do anything that will hurt me.

Yes child. I know the  Andy that was dating a cheerful middle class Clara wouldn't do anything to hurt her but the Andy dating a naive multi billionaire Clara and accepted to stay in her house and be a part of her company without any hesitation that i don't know. I just feel there is something more to it. No mummy , there is nothing more to it. Now I'm really thinking you should you should trust more and fearless. That would be better Clara said.

Staring deeply into Clara's eyes mummy said "I can't remember mentioning yesterday that your daddy had any company".

Yes , you didn't but i guess that such a rich man would have big companies all over the place. Well mummy , Clara continued. Enough of your fears and distrust. Do you still have any pictures of my parents? I mean it's only right i know what they look like.

Yes , follow me. Taking Clara to the room before hers. This used to be your daddy's room. Pointing at a wardrobe , in there is the clothes and shoes your daddy used while he was here on earth. Over there pointing at a shelf are....

Immediately Clara cut her short. All these things must be extremely expensive but it's not important to me right now. All i want is to see what these billionaire man and his wife look like and maybe some of my baby pictures.

Okay child , if that's what you want follow me. Taking Clara to the room after hers , this used to be your mother's  room. "wow" Clara exclaimed. Everything in this room is exceptional. She must have had good taste.

Yes she did. She loved beauty and fashion as a matter of fact she was a designer mummy added while opening a drawer and bringing out two big photo album gave them to Clara. In there you will see your parents and those who matter most to them.

Taking the albums to her room , Clara sat on the chair opposite her bed to look at the pictures and opening the first page of one of the albums , what she saw was....

Fined out what happened next on Thursday. I hope you enjoyed it.

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