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Episode 3

And turning to her mummy again she said , how could you  mummy , how could you say you didn't give birth to me?  Such a big conspiracy. Shakes her head and as she tried walking away Andy held her back. Let me go she said and at Andy's refusal Clara gave him a slap. This gave everyone a big shock. No one has ever seen Clara this angry before.

Falling down on her feet , mummy cried bitterly saying aloud , oh my baby. Please stay with your mummy. Don't go away I'm begging you. While she was still saying those words , Ada stood up and hugged Clara from behind. She said , you yourself used to say you are the baby of the house. Tell me. What is making you think differently now , why is the baby of the house leaving mummy and going? Aren't you lucky and special? Everyone has just one parents but God has given you two loving parents and now you want to leave and go away.

There were some moments of silence all over the place , then slowly , Clara removed Ada's hands that were crossed around her waist and walked towards mummy. Everyone was so tensed. They didn't have any idea of what's on her mind.

Bending in front of mummy to equalize herself with her , Clara said , holding mummy's hand. I'm really sorry for making you cry so much today. Will you please forgive me?.

Using her hand to cover Clara's mouth , mummy said , don't say that. You have every right in the world to be angry with me but please do not go away from your mummy.

Stop it mummy , your baby can never leave you and go away. Clara said while hugging her mummy.

Now the tension in the sitting room was gone. Everyone was relieved of their fears and mummy now has inner peace but then Clara has just one question to ask mummy and she must have to answer her question.

The day was far gone and nobody could go home that day. After dinner , mummy showed each of them to their room.

As Clara was sitting  down on her bed. Inside the room mummy told her was hers when she was younger. She tried to remember if she ever stayed in that room but no memory seemed to be coming back. Just then she remembered she had one question to ask mummy. As she was about walking towards the door , the door opened and behold it was mummy.

I was coming to see you mummy...

Yes , i know her mummy replied. Come here , sit down , while she sits next to her on the bed. I know you must have plenty questions to ask that's why i came.

Clara , adjusting herself said. Actually there is just one question i have to ask. Taking a deep breath , she continued. Why did my parents abandon me and were are they now?.

Shaking her head , mummy said , no , no child. Do not say that. Your parents loved you as much as your daddy and I do but God took them to rest in peace when you were just 8-years-old.

Mummy , Clara cut in. If i was already 8years of age when they passed on , how come i don't have any memories of them?. Replying to Clara's question , mummy said. That's because you too was involved in the accident and you were the only one who survived.

Looking at the expression on Clara's face , she explained further. You always loved me as a child. Each time you had a break from school or a holiday , you always come to stay with me and just like your previous holidays you had insisted on coming to stay with me even though they had wanted to spend some alone time with you , they still granted your wish and on their way , you all got into an accident. Your father died at the spot. With your mummy's phone i was called and given directions to the hospital you and your mother were admitted. Two(2) days later your mother died and you were the only one left. I cried bitterly because after 8 years , your mummy  was finally pregnant and the child died along with her. Aside that , your survival wasn't guaranteed. You had just little injuries on your skin and but a severe brain injury and you were also in a coma. It took you 8 months after the incident to open your eyes but then you lost your memories. I had wanted to make you remember your beautiful past but the doctor told us not to stress your brain and he advised we give you a completely different life. That was exactly what the daddy you know , me and Ada did.

Wiping the tears in her eyes , Clara...

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