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Casey Dency

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Episode 2

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A knock on the door and surprisingly to Clara it was her imagination as there was no one on the door when she opened it.

It was the dawn of a new day and also Clara's birthday. The sun was yet to be risen as it was still in the early hours of the morning.

Mummy had woken up early to enable her prepare for the big surprise she has for Clara. Though she was still contemplating about it. She didn't know how Clara was going to feel. Yes , a party had been organized but then hearing what she was going to say might shatter Clara's life. She thought  , what if i call Ada to cancel the party and let everything be the way they are right now. No , Clara has the right to know who her real parents are.

As she was lost in her thoughts , Clara walked in to meet her. Good morning mummy she greeted. Good morning child , her mom responded. Thanks to God you are awake. I want you to go get prepared we are going to Portharcout.

But mummy , what are we going to do there , you haven't even wished me a happy birthday.

Clara , I'm not up for your nagging and nonsense this morning. I'm really not in the mood. Please do what i asked you to and go into my room , in top of my bed , there is a gown , that's what i want you to wear.

Tears dripping down  Clara's eyes , mummy this is certainly not fair and you know it but then not too worry. I will do whatever you ask me to do but before the end of this year , i will get married and leave this house. It's obvious you don't want me again but then do not forget , this is my father's house and mummy ,  know that daddy is also crying along with me.

Minutes later Clara was prepared and set for movement , she was looking like a pure African goddess in her beautiful gown but she didn't appreciate the gift. All she wanted was a wish from the people she loved. She had refused to eat breakfast. She didn't even wear a smile and this made mummy really sad.

Several times she had the urge to wish her baby but she couldn't just go back on the agreement she had with Ada and Clara's friends.

After about four(4) hours , they finally got to Portharcout. It wasn't all that a stressful journey. The bus they boarded was spacious and the passengers were friendly though she didn't pay any attention to them.

On getting to the house , Clara was amazed by what she saw that she was tempted to smile but how could she forget so easily that no one wished her a happy birthday not even her boyfriend.

As they approached the main building Clara noticed everywhere was quiet and the door was wide open. She wondered what could be going on inside but when they entered inside the sitting room , there was no one there. Taking a look at the sitting room she was so amazed , the interior decoration was just so exceptional. This is real heaven on earth she thought to herself. Just then she got distracted with the singing coming from behind the curtains wishing her a happy birthday. She was so surprised at the same time happy seeing her friends , her sister  , her sister's husband  , her niece and her boyfriend  coming out from behind the curtains. With a broad smile on her face  , she turned to face her mummy who immediately said "Happy birthday to you child , may God's blessings always be with you".

Hugging her mummy so tightly Clara said , i always knew you were the best mummy in the world  , your love for me is just so unimaginable.

Clearing her throat , Ada said "enough of the drama... Come on , let's begin  the party.

After so many hours  of partying , drinking  , eating  and dancing  , mummy thought it was time she told Clara everything , she stepped forward and cleared her throat. This attracted silence from all sides. Then she spoke up , thanks to you all with whose help this surprise party was made possible and to Clara , you have been my baby right from day one and i love you so much. I could never forget your birthday for anything in the world but there is something we have always kept from you , a secret i wished would be buried forever but then , you deserve to know the truth. Hearing this , Clara stood up and moved closer to her mother. You know baby  , we all do tell you how great you are and how rich you are... That's because this house and everything in it along side many other properties you will come to know of belongs to you. Child , using her hands to touch Clara's face as tears drips down her eyes continued , you must be wondering how this properties came under your control , that's because me and your daddy aren't your real parents. My brother , your father and his wife gave birth to you on this very day years back .

This was actually the first hurt she has experienced since she was born. How could her parents not be her parents , how possible is that , why hide such a big thing from her for 24years?

With this thoughts , tears drips down her eyes as she took two steps backward and turned , facing the rest people she clapped while bursting into laughter she asked , why aren't you laughing ? Don't you see? This is real comedy and turning to face her mummy again she....

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